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  1. B

    I don't have friends

    When I think about my life, then I realize no one really gives an f about me. I have a history of being bullied (bc. I was the smart kid), I got excluded and ridiculed in highschool and currently no one wants to have me around or even talk to me. (People often aks me something and when I answer...
  2. A


    Hello all. I'm new here on the SoSuave forum. Just thought I'd join this forum instead of reddit or similar forums so I can get authentic discussion on intersexual dynamics. I have a few field reports I'll post every now and then so I can get some outside perspective on the experiences I have...
  3. T

    Are Male Friends Worth It?

    Hello Sosuave members, I came here looking for insight into your individual lives to compare and contrast the value of having male friends. I'm currently 20 Years old, I will be turning 21 next week. In my life, I mainly had negative experiences with multiple male social groups. I came across...
  4. A

    Opportunity to take action

    Hello, guys a new member here. I found this place while reading ''The Rational Male'' by Rollo Tomassi. I see a lot of posts just complaining about something and it is depressing to read them. What I want to do is actually try approach women but I don't want to do that alone. Let's say I have...
  5. L

    Not Your Friend

    Heyo, I've been going on Meetup events lately and met, and connected with some dope people. They're all around my age and there's this one girl I'm interested in. I joke around with her quite a bit, and while I've invited her out to go Apple Picking this Sat (she may or may not be able to...
  6. Tilex

    Social Circle Game - Opening Group Sets

    Social circle game is by far one of the easiest ways to hook up with or meet women in public. The dynamic about approaching groups works more in your favor if you're opening an all female group. Mixed groups (males + females) can work well too, but be wary you aren't stepping over the wrong...
  7. backseatjuan

    Clean up social media & reevaluate friendships

    TOO DO: Clean up social media accounts. Put up good photos, and only good photos, get rid of garbage posts. Look up celeb social media accounts, and imitate their style photographs and posts. Reevaluate friendships, all of them. Everything not fitting with new agenda becomes and acquaintance/
  8. D

    We are married but not to each other

    Ok sorry but this is probably going to be wordy but need advice. So I have a female friend( I am male). I really have no idea what her thoughts or intentions are and it’s driving me crazy. So it is a girl I work with that at first we didn’t really care for each other. We eventually became work...
  9. S

    Is it me or my friends?

    Quick background: I’ve always preferred being alone for the most part. I’m an introvert at heart and quickly feel displeased with most people. Particularly if I can sense they’re fake zombies walking around just following trends, being close minded, not interested in anything beyond what’s...
  10. GoodOne123

    Arguments with family. Was I wrong?

    I currently live in my mother's house. I am doing this to save a bit of money before I move out. I contribute to bills and taxes already. But I do also give lifts with my car if I'm needed. Yesterday I gave a lift to my mother to a store. She said I should drive her back home from there...
  11. GoodOne123

    Drama with other guys/Social circles

    There is a small group of people I regularly go to the club with. Pretty much all are in a relationship except for me and this other guy. When I go out, I tend to on average dance with a few girls, and get a kiss from one. The other guy complains that he doesn't get any action, not even a...
  12. B

    Will I get played

    I'll try to make this as short as possible. Last week in a job training class, I met this girl who I thought looked really good. The last day of class I got her Snapchat and she messaged me. We talked and I eventually got her number. She admitted that she thought I was cute when she first saw me...
  13. P

    What are your thoughts on hiring a Wing girl

    I started this journey of "Self-improvement & awareness" very recently: Eating healthier, hitting the gym, getting hobbies, learning, reading, having fun, meeting people, etc. I'm enjoying it, I'm happier and more motivated to keep improving. I know it's going to take time and hard work to see...
  14. B

    I think I'm Starting to Catch Feelings for a Friend. Help?

    I'll start off by saying that I'm in high school. There's this cool girl in my school who I never really noticed at first. She started talking to me through social media then we started talking in person. One day she admitted to me that she used to like me. At the time I never thought of her as...
  15. B

    Friend zone fun

    I tried to make this short, but... Worked with a girl a few years ago...she was way young (16 - I was 27...21/32 now) back then so there was nothing there obviously except her being my buddy at work. Fast fwd a few years...I moved away and she had just gotten out of a long relationship and we...
  16. DiegoSantori

    Guys aren't your friends either!

    Are all guys your enemy? No, but the vast majority of them are and you have to worry about them more than you have to worry about women. Women aren't your friends, but men aren't your friends either. Some of them are you associates at the very most. The average guy with an average SMV is the...
  17. pyros

    Beta orbiter playing friends gets fvcked

    This video, eventhough it is in spanish (sorry), is a perfect example of a beta orbiter playing friends with a very cute chick for years...just to get rejected, on tv. lol. It seems this girl has been talking to him and being 'friends' with him, and he's been playing the emotional tampon role...