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  1. M

    Summer activities

    Hi ;) Has anyone have advice for me how to spend actively time during summer? I'm 23 years old and I want to spend more time outside because I have to improve my health and my well-being. In my opinion it's very good to spend as much time as it possible at fresh air but I haven't got idea...
  2. G

    What is the best Fitness Exercise while traveling?

    I just want to know that best workout in the long traveling..
  3. GoodOne123

    Being a PT as a side-hustle?

    Im bringing up this topic due to the fact that having one job for the rest of your life is not the smartest move nowadays. It's especially relevant now, because many people have been made redundant from their jobs due to corona. I just wanted to ask your guys take on becoming a PT as a...
  4. touma.akagi

    Back/neck problems and sleeping

    Been seeing a chiropractor due to increasing back and neck misalignment, and I've just been fluctuating between feeling better and then getting worse. One month I only steadily get worse, leading up to the next appointment, and the next I'll start feeling worse just one week after the...
  5. touma.akagi

    Myths, half truths and lies of ommission of the community

    About nine months ago, I roughed a doc outlining some principles that are common on here and on other sites in the attraction community that just aren't as true/applicable as people make them out to be. Don't know who needs to see this, but it could be useful to newbies here, so I'll share...
  6. touma.akagi

    Do you eat breakfast? If so, what do you usually have?

    Breakfast has been one of the most controversial meals in any social circle I've been in. Some people insist on eating it daily, as it's quite important, others skip it almost always and just have lunch and dinner, still others eat 5+ meals a day which no doubt means one of them is breakfast...
  7. touma.akagi

    Has anyone tried fasting? How effective was it?

    If so, how long did you do it and what was it like?? I'm a little curious about it and think I may try to undertake a fast of my own. The fact is that I'm 20 years old, a slight bit heavier than I'd like to be, and for the past year or so been finding myself always hungry, tired a significant...
  8. darksprezzatura


    Men's lifestyle satisfy a woman's hypergamy. Guidelines to style: Wear one or two unique accessories for people to comment on. Wear fit clothes always. Beauty mathematically boils down to symmetry and proportion Never wear cheap cologne. Go for expensive perfumes. I prefer Cool Water...
  9. AlphaNate

    Lost 40 Pounds (18 kg) - picture (opinions/critiques welcome)

    When my LTR ended in June, I hated what I saw in the mirror. It took me a bit, but I re-joined the gym in December, and have lost 40 pounds (18 kg). When I started the LTR, I was 40 pounds lighter, so I'm really just back where I was. I also learned to cook. http://imgur.com/a/PvGu5 Before...
  10. amazingswayze

    Bodybuilding.com Sick Deal on Whey Protein!

    Hey guys, just thought I would give you all a heads-up on a deal I found while browsing bodybuilding.com. I don't know about you, but whey protein is essential to me. I used to swear by Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey, but I've branched out and realized that there's better proteins with...
  11. ImTheDoubleGreatest!

    Fat is different than ugly

    Sure, being fat IS ugly, but it carries a whole new meaning. If you for some reason just aren't attractive to women but you aren't fat, you still have a chance. Being ugly because you are fat is something completely different though. I decided to create this thread because about a day or 2 ago...
  12. Maximus Rex

    An Interesting Take on the "Do Looks Matter?" Debate

    Todd from RSD conducts an very funny, yet insightful interview with Brandon Carter on the age all debate about does looks matter. Do Looks Matter? Featuring Brandon Carter
  13. C

    Alcohol Tolerance

    hi everyone, need a bit of help here. I had been drinking alot (around 4-5 beers or 375 ml bottle of whiskey or rum) almost everyday for around 10 months in 2011-2012. The after I came outta University and got busy with business I was like one wild party once in amounts of two where I would...