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  1. evan12

    Feminist by the day slvt by the night (FBDSBN)

    Am I the only one who noticed the most misandrist type of women who are feminists and in the same time slvts ? I have met during my professional life some of these women who look professional usually feminist , yet they seem so slvtty and they cant help just reveal that some times. These women...
  2. A

    Approaching and sexual assault

    so I just recently posted about how I'm gonna break up with my gf of 6 1/2 years.... now I'm thinking okay so I wanna get laid I need to approach girls! The thing is every where I read and whenever I watch the news all I see is men getting blamed for sexual assault for touching a women's breast...
  3. Masculinity

    Reason(s) Why You Should NOT Date Feminists

    -She'll have a negative view of you and men -Bad attitude towards dating -Dismissive toward your advances -Pompous personality and view that you're lucky to be around her Went out a handful of times with a girl. I noticed she was a feminist when she mentioned it was "empowering" for women to...
  4. darksprezzatura

    Seducing a militant feminist

    Are you ready for a challenge? Are you ready to seduce a woman who hates your guts before the moment you set your eyes on her? Warning: Guys new to the game aren't used to a dealing with women on a sexual level, much less women preoccupied with men being class oppressors or taking 3...
  5. darksprezzatura

    Your perspective on the situation

    My last bang HB 7.5 flaked on me today. With the typical 'last minute crisis' excuse with no reschedule. She's flaked thrice. Total four dates. After today I think it's safe to say she has low IL, charge it to the game and move on. I replied to her flake with '...' and deleted her number...
  6. darksprezzatura

    A tricky situation [Quick Advice please]

    Hey guys, I just need some advice to handle something I messed up with a girl gracefully. Background: She seems a little nutty with dyed hair and a feminist with a lot of orbiters and dread game. Plate status. Progress: Made out first time we met. Frisking and hot and heavy second time...
  7. darksprezzatura

    Opinion on a feminist/SJW [ADVICE]

    In my previous post I gave a field report on how I kiss closed an HB8 on the first date. Things progressed on the second date and I smashed her silly. I asked her about more personal things. Turns out she's a feminist/SJW. Her facebook is filled with political views, anti-rape sentiments...