dating advice for men

  1. G

    Need advice on what to do next

    Hello, everyone! I'm a young guy (19) and I've been reading everyone's advice and tips in here, which I thank you all for. I have been reading "The Rational Male" which led me to Sosuave. Anyways, enough of that. I met this girl through Instagram and she is from Argentina (she's going to...
  2. P

    What is the stuff you wish you knew in your 20s that you know now?

    Hey folks, I am in my mid 20s and wondering what is the stuff you will you knew in my age when it comes to dating and relationships? Any tips or tricks are highly appreciated
  3. B

    Going on a 2 week trip after first date, need some advice

    I went on a date with a girl I met on a dating app, it went well, k-closed and got confirmation that she wants a second date. Now I’m leaving on a two week trip and I won’t be able to go on another date till I get back. I’m wondering what’s the best way to play this. 1. Should I suggest we go...
  4. S

    Your opinions on MGTOW/Red Pill?

    Hi guys. Recently, I have been really anxious and lost from so many mgtow/red pill videos I have seen. I have heard so many horror stories about relationships, "truths" about female nature (hypergamy, women don't actually care about you unless you can provide them something, etc.) And that game...
  5. J

    How to handle a girl who is trying to slide out?

    Hi, I am a 22 yr old college student and a couple of months ago I met a girl online and we really hit off. I thought this was someone I would like to know better. We met a few times, at no point it felt that any of us had to drag the conversation, we were explicit with our liking for each other...
  6. GeezerBub

    So ummm...Not so sure anymore.

    Hello peopulz... So tomorrow I'm to meet someone I've been chatting with on OKC with for a bit and all is well until she sends me the following... "Wait, yeah, no there's no way my anxiety is chill with meeting another stranger. If we do meet, I'd like to at least not have to pretend to be...
  7. B

    3 dates, two hookups, now what

    First date (on a Thursday) was patio drinks then a walk outdoors on a warm summer evening. Holding hands on the walk, hugging, and the date ending with her suggesting a second date on Sunday. She texts me 30-45 mins after, thanking for the walk, saying I am adorable, and that she is really glad...
  8. Von

    LTR/GF reporting back to me that she's being ''hit'' and he's a ''creep''

    Hey DJ, You all know I am in a LTR of 1.5 years. All stuff are going well and escalating. My LTR was doing a night shift at her medical job. So she finishs around between 5am and 10am. At 6am, she texted this (copy-pasted) LTR at 6am: ''A creep is sweet talking me. The trouble is, I...
  9. N


    let's start the tale , My dad is Asian and My mother black . ' Dark ' despite being fair at birth i am dark too - because she made me ? how by using oil and tanning me all these years , for that i had to face racism growing up in Asian society and developing an inferiority complex - that's a...
  10. Von

    What do women want?

    That's soo funny... and quite good... He even found the reason of Fifthy Shade of Grey lol
  11. stillsearching78

    Can anyone recommend a good international matchmaking site?

    I’m in my early 40’s and still no luck in finding my good match. So I’ve decided to take things to the next level-- meet foreign tours. Most of you are probably wondering what I meant by “next level” but what I’m trying to say is… going for a route that is considered unconventional. I’ve...
  12. Von

    Why are you dating me?

    The question is the thread title. I got that question from each of my LTR. 3 LTR, 3 different girl (in all aspect), same question, Same answer: Me: Why you are dating me? Her: Cause you know how to fight Or Her: Von, I am dating you cause you know how to fight -- So what you think they...
  13. GoodOne123

    How do I treat a girl like this?

    Basically I met a girl last week by dancing with her on a club dancefloor. No talking. We made out for 45 minutes straight. I fingered her for a while, grabbed her tiits etc. She grabbed my d. I got her number before her friend dragged her away. I played it cool and texted her saying I hope...
  14. D

    Dating Troubles

    Hello my fellow Dons, womanizers, and lady killas, I have a little problem. I will try to keep this as short as possible. So, I have been dating/ seeing this girl for about 2 1/2 months. We have gone on a total of 4 dates, we've slept together, and we have expressed mutual feeling for each...
  15. C

    Dating Troubles

    Hello Fellow Dons, Manly Men, and lady killahs, So I have a little problem on my hands. Well, let me start from the beginning. So I have been dating this girl for a couple months, we have gone on 4 dates and have hung out on numerous occasions, but last week when she told me she liked me I...
  16. C

    Am I ever going to have a good relationship?

    Hello fellow dudes, Dons, and womanizers, Am I ever going to have a good relationship? Or is it going to be a constant struggle of who gives less of a **** about the other person? Is there something as a mutually loving relationship? Or is it some fantasy Disney story we were breastfed when...
  17. C

    How to know if you have her attention

    Quick question to all the Dons out there, How do you get a girl to be 100% into you? And when do you know if this girl is the one for you? Also is it bad to date a girl who is constantly saying other guys are hot (is she just trying to be flirty ? or is she telling me I should end it?)\...
  18. C

    Dating troubles

    Hello fellow Dons, I am currently in a relationship with a girl I am crazy about. She is fun, exciting, and edgy. I love it. But the issue is that she seems like she has a bunch of underlying emotional issues. What I mean when I say this is, the typical my "parents didn't pay attention to...
  19. GoodOne123

    Confused By Recent Experiences

    Following my previous thread, I have made this thread to share my recent experiences in going out at night and trying to improve my game. To summarise my previous thread I aim to gain more confidence, get the dating game all figured out, and end my frustrations. My main assets are my looks and...
  20. D

    Don't know what to do or how to act around her?

    This girl used to or I think had attraction towards me. She used to give me smirks, gaze in my eyes, etc each time we saw each other in class or in the hallways and it was only to me. I never approach her until she lost interest and acted cold. I ask her out last summer through text and got...