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  1. D

    A girl has used meme she sent me as her DP

    So I've been talking to this girl who has gone cold. We were doing great, joking around flirting and having fun. She even asked for a picture and the conversation progressed after that. She sent a meme on which we had a good laugh and exchanged a story and she has now put it as her DP. I think...
  2. A

    Need urgent advice for a chick

    Hey guy, first time posting here. So i need some advice about a cheek, iv been following corey waynes stuff for many years and doc love stuff not so much just recently i came across his work, i booked a session with him as well. Apart from that im trying to perfect my game, but this current...
  3. JohnnyBoi

    Cold, Distant and then Cut Off - Making Amends with A Girl. Possible?

    Hi all, I've been out of the dating game for quite a while due to now being in a long term relationship but I have a friend who is REALLY suffering. I mean really suffering. I need to get him on the right path but I'm rusty. I still know the basics but need some guidance on how to handle this...
  4. devilkingx2

    How do you feel about approaching girls who aren't alone?

    Whether cold or warm or hot, direct or indirect, night game or day, how do you feel about approaching multiple girls (at least 2, or more who are together, like a group) I've always thought that this was an absolute must avoid because it seems way harder, but reflecting on it, it went slightly...
  5. L


    She's being cold so I searched here and in google what to do. Then they all told me not to be too available for her, treat her worthless but make her feel special. So here's the thing, I continued replying on her but I act like Im busy. It's like I will reply in her every msg for 15mins. But...
  6. L

    How can I use push-pull technique in our relationship?

    Lately, she's been cold on me. I am the one who's always making an effort to see her. I am always the one saying sorry even if its not my fault. I am always the one who's enthusiastic in our conversations. She's not the sweet type anymore. She's not like that in our first year. I am really the...
  7. A

    Autorejection by too much or too little?

    Im confused by what caused this girl to completely ghost after an awesome date where she was very keen. Quick story, matched on Tinder - she said I was cute, however she was terrible at replying. Nevertheless I persisted and she offered her number without me asking. Again took long time to...