1. AmsterdamAssassin

    Female Feedback.

    Do women ever give you feedback on what they think is attractive / unattractive in you / men in general? How much of what they deem attractive is external / internal?
  2. RazorRambo24

    Pheremones - Even stronger than good game

    If there's anything stronger than game alone, its something completely biological that is made to trigger sexual and attraction signals in women.. telling them you are the most capable mate and also ready for mating asap. I first noticed it in highschool with some kid named Sameer who had came...
  3. M

    Comfort vs Attraction

    I'd be curious to know your opinions, I had already asked a similar question and received interesting feedback but this is a slightly more specific question. Over the years, out of curiosity and motivation I have watched many videos of various PUAs and as we know each of them thinks...
  4. M

    Satisfying sex life

    Who among you is really successful with women? I'd be curious to know what your strong point is. In my life I have known 2 people in particular who are very successful, and they are the opposite of each other, one is very elusive almost unable to hold a normal conversation, I would call him...
  5. J

    law of attraction how to attract girls?

    hey guys i recently watched the movie the ,,secret‘‘ and I know from different experiences that its true. Do you guys have any experience or tips in how to use the law of attraction to getting girls? Im 20 and im looking for a lot of good looking girls and nothing serious
  6. J

    arousal vs attraction how to be arousal with women?

    hey guys I watched Rollo tomassis last video on youtube and its about arousal vs attraction. he says attraction is for example being funny having money... but how to be arousing to women? What can I do? Greets
  7. F

    First Post: I Helped Get My Friend Off, Now She Has Me Blocked On All Socials

    So introduction - Hey everyone, I'm Brian. I'm 26 (27 in March) and I was introduced to The Rational Male and The Game about 1 year ago. I've read both books and am rereading The Game right now. Never thought I'd need a forum like this or a community (thinking I could just rely on books), but...
  8. xuzaki

    Women love opportunistically ; men love idealistically

    "Women love opportunistically ; men love idealistically". I see this all over the place. But don't both men and women love opportunistically? Here's where I'm coming from: - women are attracted to males with certain qualities (good genes, status, protection, providing, etc) and can ditch a...
  9. GaBrotha

    Help! I think I lost my edge with women...

    Ok before I start this long post, I want to say that this is sort of a life story for me and how it all came about for me over the years. Hopefully it isn't drawn out too long for some of you. I honestly think I've lost my edge with women and I don't know what I am doing wrong the past few years...
  10. LarryLiesureSuit

    I am confused about the initial start of the conversation.

    I am a beginner (2 years in game, but still a beginner). I go out 3 times a week for about 2 hours. I use a few kind of openers. 1. Context Item. Simply talk about what I observe. 2. Direct Compliment. 4. High energy opener. Irrelevant openers and routines. I deliver an intent to why I am...
  11. evan12

    Cant get woman after a lot of reading here is why it would be :

    Depending on which stage you fell you can categorize your self : Stage One : women never look at you, and if you approach them they reject you Reason : you are not attractive enough , try to look better or hit less attractive /older women. Stage two : Women some times look at you, and seem...
  12. D

    Time to meet more women?

    I'm currently in a situation where I'm attracted to a stunning, young woman who's also interested in me but happens to have a boyfriend. We've said hi to each other in the past and she approached me this one evening during a party. We really clicked. At one point I was starting to exit the...
  13. S

    I got angry as **** and she loved it

    I was fed up. For some reason I’d reached my breaking point with girls ordering drinks and not offering to pay for them. (maybe it’s the Jew in me) So I let loose a little bit. I started cursing about how girls constantly think it’s on guys to pay for their drinks without even so much as an...
  14. l e g e n d a r y

    Free PDF: 5 Steps to Start Meeting Women in the Daytime. it covers how to start taking action and bu

    Download the Free PDF at Hey what's up guys? I wrote this guide to help as many guys as possible, so if you have any questions, feedback, comments, want to tell me it sucks ass and why (lol), etc.. just leave a comment here or contact me directly on the contact...