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Recent content by Tictac

  1. Tictac

    What's a good response to this question?

    Belching brim fire and farting noxious gases. Maybe some chest thumping.
  2. Tictac

    Moral dilemma....opinions.

    'Clearing the air' now was a good play.
  3. Tictac

    Why do you guys neve blame womens for there bad behaviour ?

    You are a troll. Be gone.
  4. Tictac

    Why do you guys neve blame womens for there bad behaviour ?

    Blame is for 9-year olds.
  5. Tictac

    Facebook Under Fire

    Thanks for answering for me and anyone else. Since you think you know the answers before asking the question, how about you get lost.
  6. Tictac

    What is the first step?

    The first step is to remember that YOU are the prize. The second is to never forget the first step.
  7. Tictac

    Facebook Under Fire

    "The purpose of all media, public or private, is to deliver a passive audience to an advertiser. If you think that anything other than that is happening, you are not paying attention." Walter Annenberg
  8. Tictac

    Is a ******* from a hot girl worth $200 ?

    Its a business deal. You decide what has value to you.
  9. Tictac

    online dating

    Too much talk, not enough asking her out. You are letting the opinion of a woman consume your thoughts. Why?
  10. Tictac

    Do you currently own a firearm?

    Several. Three pistols, two rifles and a shotgun. They were part of my life as a younger man. I still train/practice regularly which I enjoy. My oldest son enjoys going to the ranges with me. I've taught all three of my kids about them, how to use them and when and how to fade away from people...
  11. Tictac

    Do you feel sorry for single mothers

    Same here. Except I was 33 when I married, my ex-w had every sign of being a good candidate and we waited almost seven years to have our first kid. None of it meant a damn thing. Which isn't why judging people is bullsh*t and an act of stupidity.
  12. Tictac

    The Future of White America

  13. Tictac

    Do you feel sorry for single mothers

    I guess the same 'exact reason' applies to single dads then.
  14. Tictac

    10 SJW Myths That Will Not Die

    Like I said, you go play with your tinker toys. You don't have the skill and I don't have the time to get you out of your playpen.