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    Has the nightlife scene changed, or is it just me?

    I second what everyone else is saying. You've grown past that whole stage. When I was younger, going to a club, spitting game and all that was cool. Now I'm like whatever. I just don't feel like going through all the BS just to get some low grade broad. The thing that alot of heads here...
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    Does anyone just get tired of the games?

    I hear you loud and clear. I'm 32 and I don't have patience for that anymore either. F#@# games, games are bullsh!t. All these online pimps that tell you this **** is some sort of complicated math equation are trying to separate you from your money. They have a vested interest in making...
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    Linux and Open Source software

    I have to learn linux for work so when I get a new PC, my old one will become a linux server where I'll load apache, PHP, and mysql to it. I last used linux 5 years ago and it was such a pain in the ass that I vowed never to touch it again. Now I have to. The linux guys at work tell me things...
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    Anyone try Monster.com? (Don't move to Anything Else)

    I haven't posted here in a while. I got a new job around 3 months ago and I put my resume up on monster, careerbuilder, and yahoo hotjobs. I know my career is a little different than yours, as I work in IT, but you may way to talk to a few recruiters if those exist in your field. I got my...
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    Credit cards like Amex, rewards points, anyone take advantage of that?

    Does anyone have an American Express card or something similar that offers reward points for travelling, plane trips, hotel rooms, rentals, etc? I'm looking into getting a card like that and paying any bill possible with it. I'm saving money to do some travelling. Is it worth the annual fee...
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    The Capt. Save-a-ho Inclination

    Settle? Why should he settle? Racism = The belief that you are superior to someone else based on skin color. The reason why Sir Drinksalot has an issue with a white woman who is with a black guy is because deep down, he thinks that he is superior. Simple as that.
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    Objective: The Infinity Gauntlet: Why you fight WARS WITHOUT END!

    Great post Victory Unlimited. This is one of the better threads I've read on this board in a minute. Props
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    Anthony Ellis claims he got this big naturally

    I haven't worked out hard since college due to injury but you can definitely get that big naturally. When I was in college, my roommate and I and one of my coworkers used to hit the weights pretty hard and none of us were on anything. I bought a box of creatine but didn't even use it. I went...
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    DJing your income

    Having a job where that you hate sucks, even if the money is good. I had a job doing tech support and I did it for 3 years and made good money, with all of the overtime I worked but I hated it, I just couldn't stand it. After I got laid off, I started working for myself and started a business...
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    Most of my friends are women...YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT??

    Which is why this post is in the mature forum. By the time you reach a certian age, you should have enough self control to not view every woman as a potential f*ck.
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    Boot Camp for The Mature Man

    Wow, this is still going? Great! I only made it through 3 weeks of boot camp but I saw a difference even in that short amount of time.
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    Most of my friends are women...YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT??

    I don't have many female friends anymore but during my 20's I had quite a few. The only problem that I can see with having female friends is if you catch feelings for one. That has happened to me and yes it's true, if a woman sees you as a friend, that's as far as it will go usually. As...
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    Get a manicure!

    I got a manicure and pedicure once 5 years ago, I don't remember why I did it, just for the hell of it I guess. It's not necessary, as long as you clip them regularly and remove the dirt under your nails, you're cool. Manicures are expensive and overkill.
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    For those who DO get girls. ONLY for those who do get it!

    Oh boy, I know exactly what you're talking about. I was called "no soul brother" when I was in high school. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Anyway, people who say those things are ignorant and clueless. When people bring up those kind of things to me, I always use the example of Malcolm X and how...