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Recent content by rjc149

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    Do you wear lift shoes when you go out?

    Well maybe try some OLD platforms that are more geared toward what you're looking for -- (more) mature women who aren't looking for hookups and who will be attracted to men who have their sh!t together over men who are tall tatted juiced-up bros. Fact is that high-quality women, or women that...
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    Do you wear lift shoes when you go out?

    ...but a 28 year old bar fly on Tinder who already has guys she's fvcking but is looking for more validation is somehow different? I guess she's younger at least.
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    Do you wear lift shoes when you go out?

    I'm pretty chill, dude. I'm just trying to clarify that unless your strengths are being a handsome, tall white man, you'll face obstacles on Tinder that you won't necessarily when you approach a woman face to face and spit some alpha charm. Your game, in other words, gets negated in OLD because...
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    Do you wear lift shoes when you go out?

    Whole lot of self-limiting beliefs here man, but I guess a lot of guys come to this forum for validation and support. Does being tall give you an advantage in attracting girls? Yes. Across the board, yes. Is it a primary determining factor? ONLY ON TINDER. Women on Tinder get LIT UP by horny...
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    She went cold all of a sudden few days after a wonderful date.

    This girl had the decency and consideration to text you why she was moving on. I would give this girl the benefit of the doubt. Assume her stated discomfort with the age difference is the honest reason. 32 and 20 is a pretty significant gap, especially when 20 means a young girl in college and...
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    She left me!

    Right now, no, you have no chance. You likely never will from the sound of it. What you should do is remain in no contact. 6 months or a year later, she *may* reach out, and hopefully you would have undergone the necessary therapy and counseling to be able to control yourself. You've...
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    Post wall 35 and up men dating 18-23 yo olds. How do you do it?

    35 isn't the wall for men who take care of themselves and their finances. Assuming the man stays in shape and is financially successful or at least stable, his physical appeal declines noticeably closer to 45, and hits the wall at more like 55 when it's obvious that he is aging. His *sex*...
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    Things that ruled out women as LTR's or potential relationships for you.

    1. Doesn't follow a basic exercise routine or take care of her body. 2. Smelly vagina. 3. Social media or smartphone addiction. 4. Visible tattoos when in non-revealing summer attire. 5. Social justice warriors or anyone with hyper-left viewpoints. 6. Has children. 7. Materialistic...
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    Marijuana use and game

    Unless you want to stare blankly around with droopy bloodshot eyes, not talk to anyone, and think everyone knows you're high, and that you're a creepy lowlife who can't talk to anyone or think of anything to say because they know you're high because you are super high and they know and think...
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    Drunk about to meet some girl

    Welp, sounds like you really didn't give a fvck going into it, or the outcome, so no loss here. Showing up to dates hammered, and getting hammered during dates, is usually a massive turn off for women, especially once you're over 30. Indicates lack of respect for her (ie. you need to be...
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    Thinking about giving alcohol up all together

    2 day hangovers mean you're wayyy overdoing it. Even in your 30's. Are you getting slurring, stumbling drunk? If so, then you need to re-shift your focus to the people around you when you go out socializing, and away from the booze. Easier said than done, however. I know it is. Also, avoid...
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    Why do women love douchebags?

    Some would argue that a successful relationship requires some compromise and adaptation to each other's personalities. Others, like yourself and the rest of the red pill manosphere, would deem that beta cuck phaggotry. Whatever floats your boat.
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    Why do women love douchebags?

    Calibrate to improve, to become a better, more balanced and attractive man in general. I wasn't born as the best version of myself. Easy there, killer.
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    Why do women love douchebags?

    What about it appears to be speculative? Or demonstrates lack of experience? Are you just running your mouth lol? Manosphere theory and speculation is derived from observed trends in female behavior and their responses, both individually and collectively, to male personality archetypes. I don't...
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    Why do women love douchebags?

    Despite the annals of material being written on this topic, it's always fun to debate and it's really the core of this forum. It's not the douchiness per se that women are drawn to. It's the confidence, self-assurance, assertiveness, and dominance that a$$holes and jerks typically demonstrate...