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Recent content by Principe03

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    Return of an OG: Mixed signal challenge

    Very true as always I appreciate the replies I'm going to go ahead and leave her a light text on Thanksgiving day to the effect of "Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving leave some dessert", and basically ignore her until Friday. My strategy will be to distance myself from her if we are in...
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    Return of an OG: Mixed signal challenge

    I see what you're saying but how can I see that me and her are eff buddies if we haven't even slept together yet, plus shes' all about wanting to do another "movie night" with me which consists of us hanging out on the couch while I put on a DVD.
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    Return of an OG: Mixed signal challenge

    Fellow DJ's, It's been a few years since I've posted and if you can see by my join date I've been on this for years, actually about close to 10 years back when I was a teenager and anxiously waited to join the ranks of the "mature" forums. My adventures have led me to Korea, Costa Rica...
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    What country has the hottest asian women?

    Thailand or Phillipines IMHO because of how they can have a mix of voluptuous bodies compared to other counties like China and Japan, and yet have the most beautiful eyes and petite statures. I've seen some pinay women, another name for phillipinas, with amazing j-lo asses.
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    Acting weird?

    Sup boricua Puerto Rican here too, yeah she told me today she has a boyfriend so I don't know what's up with that let's just hope it's alright. So I should just keep playing it like nothign happened or move on. I always wonder how it is that she kept saying "So what if I did leave with a guy"...
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    Acting weird?

    I acted pretty much like a chump today in my opinion and it's crazy because most of the time I have been pretty on point with girls. For those of you who have been following my saga about Christina the one working at the Dept. of Multicultural Services then you will keep up with me if...
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    Yes Yes I know it's staged obviously because of STD's, pregnancy, etc., BUT I believe that the actual dialogue and uses of DJ skills makes it the more fun to watch than a conventional rauncy porn. Honestly it's too much work to listen in and type out the script to you I honestly would download...
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    Dude Hey you should try to email me or something and I can talk to you about boobsquad, and other videos I have seen where I actually have learned some sway of confidence from. I believe Sophia is actually the best boobsquad episode out there.
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    Penis Pills

    Can anyone who is familiar with penis enlargement pills advise me as to which ones are the best out there in the market and side effects included. I am looking at which I should purchase so any feedback would help, thank you.
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    Quick Tips

    1. My friend has a high pitched voice and sometimes I get use to it and end up increasing the screechiness in my voice. He's been gone for weeks and I can see my voice deepen as well as my confidence. I swear the tone you come off with your voice can do wonders. 2. A man who looks relaxed...
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    Some Things Not to Do!!!

    It has been ages since I've posted..... Man did I let down the Don Juan code or what, guess I fit into the AFC category today. Look went on a date today and yeah I got the kiss and whatever but here are some things you do not do. 1. I was hugging the date from behind and asked her in a cute...
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    A tip for the "booty" dancers

    Alright I swear this shot works better than Allan Iverson's signature shots, meaning I have good percentage with this and I hope it works for all of you as well. When you ask a girl to dance and she says yes, let' say you want to grind but don't want to rudely just turn her around and let your...