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Don Juan
Jul 12, 2000
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Killeen, TX, US
1. My friend has a high pitched voice and sometimes I get use to it and end up increasing the screechiness in my voice. He's been gone for weeks and I can see my voice deepen as well as my confidence. I swear the tone you come off with your voice can do wonders.

2. A man who looks relaxed will give out an aura that he is indeed relaxed so this summmer with no class I have to run to I have learned that a nice pace when walking can reflect either how hectic or how calm and collected your world is.

3. Dimming your eyes a bit is also a plus if you try to open up your eyes huge or almost close them which one looks the most retarded. Just rest assured when you wake up you are relaxed and your eyes are barely up so I apply that during the day and it also reflects into the calm and collected mood I'm again developing. This DJ Mojo is naturally making me apply DJ techniques without me even logically thinking of them.

4. This might not be a bit revelant to everythign else but pretend you already have a girl. Now hey pretending does not have a good connotation but s**t go ahead and try it. You will feel secure and confident and other girls will see that. It's no mystery that girls always approach us when we are dating or steady with one.

Bottomline develop a mentality of calmness and coolness where anxiety and stress does not exist. This attitude I have has allowed me to think about things better and my errands are almost cut in half because logic is kicking in well. I have gotten rid of this young girl, learned from her and now have grown even stronger and truthfully I am having girls at the mall flirt with me.