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  • If you can't control the outcome, then taking correct action is a victory. Winning is an even bigger victory.
    Strategy is to max out on everything, looks, self-esteem, self-respect, happiness, achieving life goals, money, etc, then work on the words coming out of your mouth.
    The animal brain’s values are innate to that biology, the rational brain’s values are contextual to one’s existence. One of these you can manipulate, the other you cannot. So the less rational someone is, the more predictable that person is; women are far more likely to be slaves to their emotions and their biology and so much of the marketing is targeted at women’s disposable income.
    Respect is either fear of consequences, or admiration (expressing the values the other holds highly). To be any man of any significance, you must at bare minimum be capable of inducing fear in people. As far as admiration goes, a person’s convictions will determine her emotional reactions, and thus what he or she admires; that is why status is contextual.
    You win against an ivory tower problem by walking out of it and taking action. Most philosophy is useless unless you consider applied epistemology that aims to clarify thinking.
    When you hit someone's existential fear that's when you uncover their inner tyrant. When something is beyond their capacity to understand, that's when they turn to projecting that fear on other people. — Tom Luongo
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