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Recent content by Plinco

  1. Plinco

    "INSANE: Young Americans Don't Know ANYTHING!"

  2. Plinco

    How to raise children to be successful and happy?

    The big difference I've noticed is that kids who do well have parents who don't have money problems. Kids raised in a low income situation learn to lower their expectations in life.
  3. Plinco

    Anyone in Florida

    I live an hour and a half from Orlando
  4. Plinco

    People who convince me to date around my age

    I would add the managerial mentality. Wanting to promote "order" and a disregard for the individual.
  5. Plinco

    People who convince me to date around my age

    I appreciate your interest in my topic and I will appreciate any interest you give to me in the future but I think you are misreading what I'm putting out.
  6. Plinco

    People who convince me to date around my age

    I can grab a bull by the balz but that doesn't kill the beast
  7. Plinco

    Thoughts on LUNA

    This is a bit off topic, but I want to mention that central banks artificially suppress the gold and silver markets by naked shorts. Governments turn a blind eye to this because suppressing gold and silver means artificially propping up fiat currencies. Edit: not directly the central banks...
  8. Plinco

    People who convince me to date around my age

    What's with people trying to convince people like me to date women around my age? Some form of control? Maybe these people don't respect me enough? These people trying to sabotage me?
  9. Plinco

    Plate didn’t want to meet because i didn’t reply back in time

    Tell her what happened and reschedule. Don't apologize.
  10. Plinco

    The second they know you like them…

    There's truth to this but do you think if you and her are having a really fun time that it builds an emotional connection in that way?
  11. Plinco

    Once the respect is gone is there any way to get it back?

    Just get over it. BPD are a lot of work to whip into shape but in your case it's not worth it.
  12. Plinco

    Anyone in Florida

    Possibly me, except I live three hours away. I know there are a few others that are from Florida.
  13. Plinco

    everyone, if you had one peice of advice to pass on to someone about women...

    There is a concept called epigenetics. There is ongoing research on the subject.
  14. Plinco

    GYM - Women perceive the body THE SAME WAY WE DO + It's 100% LEGIT

    There is something to be said about having a fit body, but like everything else that is talked about, it's not the only trait that matters. Pook talked about this, and I've experienced the difference from weighing 135 pounds to weighting 175 pounds in the way people treated me.
  15. Plinco

    the benefits of porn and masturbation

    There is a lot of material out there that discusses the harm in watching porn. I suggest you read it.