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Recent content by Plinco

  1. Plinco

    SoSuave NoFap November 2022 challenge (Sex is okay!)

    No I messed up pretty bad actually this month. I'll give a report in a few more days. I'll see about making next month the challenge.
  2. Plinco

    do you mog him?

    From the NYC elite bubble
  3. Plinco

    Theory of gravity (a respectable discussion)

    Eh what the heck. Let's make this an interesting thread OP
  4. Plinco

    this is interesting.....

    That sounds like some Jerry Springer stuff right there hahaha
  5. Plinco

    My Experiences with Cold Approaching Part 1

    So you wouldn't recommend my hair being a big poof-ball? haha
  6. Plinco

    this is interesting.....

    Your legal system is broken
  7. Plinco

    Women in their 20s and early 30s

    So what?
  8. Plinco

    Women in their 20s and early 30s

    They hardly have any power over me. Why would let them have power over you? As far as youth goes, I figured that early on.
  9. Plinco

    Viruses don't exist (none of them).

    So biological weapons made with viruses are useless? Also, bacteriophage is used for research with consistency. It's used for gene editing.
  10. Plinco

    MtmVaott's Progress and Contemplation Diary

    To a certain extent, the term narcissism is a shaming tactic for those who love themselves.
  11. Plinco

    Witholding sex

    Talk to her about it. Maybe she needs to get off the birth control and address what is stressing her out.
  12. Plinco

    MtmVaott's Progress and Contemplation Diary

    In the English language, selfishness does not necessarily equate to narcissism.
  13. Plinco

    Women shouldn’t be allowed to be in authority position

    Did she make the rule? If not, then that's not her problem that she is following that rule. If she did make that rule, then who cares, you could sign in and walk out if you wanted to (that's what it sounds like to me). Career women are usually idiots. When I had women managers and...
  14. Plinco

    MtmVaott's Progress and Contemplation Diary

    You are thinking too abstract, and it looks like English is not your first language. First of all, cut all notions of selfishness as being wrong out of your head. Being selfish does not mean being out to harm others, or having to hide intentions. Selfish means putting yourself and your...
  15. Plinco

    Failed Approaches

    What is within us gets expressed outward. Nothing is hidden in the long term.