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  • When getting to know a girl, use her name from time to time in the conversation.
    Imagine for a moment how much it would suck to be a woman. You can only get turned on when someone is mean to you.
    Being the smart and independent guy in the room can "screw" with the perceived social order. Being more independent influences the context within a group.
    When someone gives their opinion on what is appropriate and what is not, it is a desire to control others.

    “traditional women” are using the excuse of submissiveness to default into laziness.

    Your physiology can change your convictions. Philosophy in this way produces psychology.
    The hierarchy of one’s values depend on a life mission

    Mysticism is not caused by the lack of consciousness but by the lack of integration

    Mysticism is the symptom of man's default in epistemological integrity and the cause of all human suffering.
    Man demoralizes himself by acting on his emotions, then asks for an external authority to guide him. Man must realize that in order to be happy, he must hold himself accountable.
    When a society deteriorates, the reaction historically was to make the culture more conservative. This reaction is based on the assumption that man failed to think for himself. The truth was that most men didn't know how to think for himself to begin with.
    “Only the man who extols the purity of love devoid of desire, is capable of the depravity of a desire devoid of love.”

    Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged
    "Your anger has to be translated into some sort of action that compels performance." Col. Douglas Macgregor
    In the absence of authority figures, accountability can still be brought on by competition.
    If you are going to be different, then be responsible about it and be different in a way that's functionally better than everyone else.
    It is neurotic to live for the sake of other people, however you will be judged by other people on how you perform in life.
    And yet the person defining success stares us in the mirror.
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    Yes, check out my comment on January 25th
    If a girl gives you her number, read it back to her with one digit wrong. If she corrects you, keep it else throw it away
    Get her fax while you're at it. Just give her your phone with the message app open lol
    I'll give her my fax number and tell her to call
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