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Recent content by PANK

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    Bad Ass Gets Em All

    I fail to see how one mans honerable quest to seek true spiritual fulfillment and declare himself a free spirit whisteling in the winds of evermore sexual endeverments to a future relationship full of kindled expectations of undying love of two humans cuddling in front of the warm fire of love...
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    Bad Ass Gets Em All

    My poetry did once get me the offer of an unsavery relationship with a very atractive girl but fortunately i managed to resist persuing the relationship and of course no sex god forbid i should even contemplate such a devious act of both sinn and missuse of LOVE RESPECT AND OVERALL SPIRITUAL...
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    Bad Ass Gets Em All

    No am its not a joke i take my poetry VERY SERIOUSLY like the respect and true love i have for women
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    An Ya Thought I Was A Wus

    a testament from bruce lee after a saring session pank you truely are the toughest guy in the world EVER i rest my case
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    Saturday night clubbing

    Did you tell her pears are mave of fruit
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    Bad Ass Gets Em All

    my mind cannot see a reasnable argument for these dreadfully impolite messages and to suggest i am in some way atracted to same sex relationships is simply rediculous and to suggest i have been sodamised by ANYONE never mind a fellow brother is almost making me a little annoyed.
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    An Ya Thought I Was A Wus

    Its not time whasting it was just to show that i am a tough hard case who kills bears with his bear hands 16 to be exact
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    Speed Dating?

    I will make my response in poem format say this to women you just meetr Oh dear dearest of love affection romance i want you for personality and not sex i am a man who respects women as an apple falling off the tree of my affectioon i am a kangaroo who jumps for joy when i hear of you...
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    An Ya Thought I Was A Wus

    I butted 50 bouncers las5t night I shaw gave them a fright im hard as nails me ard as nails a say i once punched geoff thomsons head clen off i once puched bruce lee in che choppers asn killed him too im ard as nails me true fighter of the prison for wich i was hardest im a tough...
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    An Ya Thought I Was A Wus

    This weekend was eventfull to say the least, first of all killed 5 people for no reason at all they all had guns and i just had my sturdy fists and that was just before saturday breakfast, after eating several raw pigs i shagged ten babes and 3 of them where the police women who arrested me for...
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    Bad Ass Gets Em All

    You are a very impolite man. Evil rom are you always such a mean old rotter, you upety young scamp.
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    Friends are ditching me...

    This is almost too wierd i am in exactly the same possition EXACTLY, wow my buddies and i always used to go to town and fail with women apart from me who only tried to talk as i am a savory character, but now all i do is stay at home cuz my friends who arent hooked up just wanna stay in doors...
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    It's back... but there may be a light... Should i do this...?

    1 You shouldnt be kissing a woman so quickly But since thats already been done why dont you go out and have a good time if it bothers you too much leave and go to a different club try talking with her friend and if possible why dont you try and leave the club with her you could have an...
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    Im a bit confused

    I will not support such an unsavory request.
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    Im a bit confused

    Talk to them anyway you please if they dont like you then its their loss, If you dont like it then she is probably a ***** so leave its her loss.