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    Elstud, I'm calling you out!
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    I witnessed something kind of funny today.

    go over and d*ck slap her show her whos boss
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    Flax Seed Pills

    Damnit! Your right Ive also read stories of flax seed curing certain death patients, as in curing "you have xxx time to live" patients, to normal health. Another story I heard was flax seed de-crystallized a mans bladder who had bladder cancer, and was cured of it... Well Ill stick to my fish...
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    AMOGing and PHYSICAL violence (fight threats)

    Why fight when you can shoot him in the face? Just kidding, yeah but dont fight man, let him know hes out of place and taking things out of proportion, this also means that if he gets mad/wants to start a fight hes pretty damn insecure and/or jealous
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    Elstud, I'm calling you out!
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    Flax Seed Pills

    So I was at the store today and I saw some flax seed capsules and I said why the hell not, and picked up 200, 1000mg pills. I heard this stuff is a pretty good supplement, what are the benefits and all? PS: Oh god these pills smell like sh*t
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    Someone remind ElStud of the purpose of numbers.
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    Teasing Tip: "The Backstab"

    You rock man, teasing is so fun, especially when you get a laugh/hit on arm or chest. Got anymore tips? I love the first one man, Im going to use that one again, once I did the same thing with the girls name Her: Im XXXX Me: What? Her: XXXX Me: Sorry, who? Her: XXXX!! Me: Huh? *cup my ear*...
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    that guy is retarded apparently hes stuck in the 1920's too
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    Anal Abscess

    Bad news: I went to the hospital this morning, because last night I felt some pain and soreness in the area, same this morning. So I went and they said that the pain meant it was ready to pop, they didnt give me a chance to say anything before they left the room to get the supplies to drain it...
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    John Kennedy Jr.

    I still think she looks like the exorcist :eek:
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    Any other artists in the house?

    Thanks man, it was actually pretty simple :)
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    John Kennedy Jr.

    lady in the middle looks like the exorcist.....
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    HandyAndy's progress journal

    oh hai guise lulz Wow, I finally got the green light from my doctor to start lifting again, starting tomorrow yay!
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    Any other artists in the house?

    Photoshop fan here :)