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    Talking to her BF on phone while I fvcking her!

    morality is relative read the guys post who said morality is relative. it was actually pretty good, if u cud look urself in the mirror then **** it. It changed my mind and thats saying a lot bcoz i was the dude who was cheated on for over a month by some HO. Either way my two cents I WOULDNT DO...
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    Talking to her BF on phone while I fvcking her!

    Honestly dude, thats ****ed up, only coz not a few months ago i was the guy making the 10 calls while my Ho was getting pounded. That doesnt make me a loser or I have no game, it just means Some ppls morals are JUST ****ED. I wudnt even screw a girl like that, its just plain dirty.
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    I'm sure this question has been asked here before v. Girl with boyfriend

    gaming other guys bfrends is pathetic you shudnt keep any type of relationship that has sexual tension wit a girl who has a BF. Imagine being the guy! i know coz i was him at one point. I agree girls like that are worthless, either way ther are a million single girls go after them.
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    applied the rule as of last thursday My ex was my best friend since 1st year of college, now im in 4th year, we have over 60 mutual frends. The TRUTH: ***** cheated, USED me, abused me, and still had the balls to say she loved me. After i found out she cheated i went nuts, but then I forgave...
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    So I just got this text.. how would you handle this?

    Guy shes a HO, id tell the guy if i were u. Why? put urself in his shoes, hes gettin played like a *****...im sure she aint worth the shag
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    Same old story..lol

    shes prolly got talkin(F******) other guys too
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    Lets hear your dumped, heartbroken or cheated on stories! (and how u recovered)

    Alright boys, im still dealing with drama from my oneitis who cheated (same college thats why we interact). So i wanna hear some of your stories of what happened and about that one girl who ****ed you over and HOW U GUYS GOT OVER IT AND BECAME THE MAN you are today!
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    what wud u guys do here? (new girl after bad breakup)

    long story short, ive just got out of a terrible relationship last month (she cheated) so am not 100% sure what i want these days. But ive been talkin and went out 2wice with this new hb9 recently. The problem here is the new chick seems indifferent, we only talk like once a week, shes very...
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    What should i do in this situation

    So thers a girl who i was frends with for a long time and there was massive sexual tension between us, but shes always had a bf. Shes broken up with him recently and sure enuff we've been fooling around but no sex. but when i asked her if she wanted to make it official, as in a relationship, she...
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    Best DJ movies!

    Swingers .... Vince Vaughn
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    any openers or routines>?

    this is my routine and it works very well. Approach her and just ask the basics her name, skool/work etc. all the while gettin close to her (rubbin shoulders, look at her eyes) wtver she says u say u do too. Like if she goes to some skool, say u go there or u have a frend there or som thing. As...
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    What do you guys think of this C+F?

    you: how come u havent added me on facebook? (be coy) her: umm i dont know. wats ur name ill add u. you: nope srry, but u can make it up to me during lunch, lets grab some food. if u do the appropriate body language she shud smile and agree. either way the porn joke doesnt work, ive...
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    My Cousin...

    your just infatuated with her, remember no matter how special she is, theres a gazillion other girls wit the same qualities that ARE NOT RELATED TO U. So start meeting other girls and avoid ur cousin.
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    T O R O N T O !

    watsup guys anyone met up from here yet? im in toronto, some good pickup techniques but never winged wit anyone. im down for a meet.
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    any advice for real relations?

    ready123 im usually trying to make a connection i.e. prober her hit a soft spot and make a rapport, but it all ends up being like a general convo, like talk abt politics and boring ****. escalation gets very hard, most dates i do are basic dinner das abt it. i guess my main concern is why i cant...