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When They Block You...


Master Don Juan
Jun 21, 2017
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Man old thread missed that. However OP like usual pointed to the issue in his post. Often times guys are not giving the whole story. There is hers his and the truth.
I say he fcked it up prior to this.


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Don Juan
Dec 30, 2015
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I had a girl block me on Whatsapp before our first real date. She did it because I made plans to hang out with friends instead while our date was already set. It only took her an hour to unblock me as I didn't try to contact her anywhere else and then she begged me to see her. So I went to see her and a few hours later she really wanted the D and basically begged me to **** her in my car. Which I did. She's now my girlfriend and hints about us marrying. While I'm happy in the relationship, she does have some personality flaws which I should've seen coming when she blocked me. I can handle them just fine although I could actually use some advice on some. Might have to start my own thread.


Don Juan
Jan 18, 2020
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Women make no sense sometimes.
Women are not to suppose to make sense. They are to do what’s best for them in all situations. Women do not care about you, they only care about themselves. Thats why the men who treat women as disposable sexual play things and or baby making machines do the best with them. The men who analyze, nitpick, wonder, reveal emotions, put value in them, are played like a fiddle.

A man should seldom analyze (or argue) with a woman.
Women are fighting their biological clock - nature - at the same time as being a member of society. What man would want to argue and fight with nature? Nature is not logical, nature is not consistent, nature is not predictable, nature always does what is in its best interest and nature can destroy you if it wants to. Best to just agree with it and if she becomes difficult, move on to where the sun shines brighter.


Master Don Juan
Aug 27, 2015
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I was talking to Glassguy recently and I thought this might be a good topic for some DJs dealing with this puzzling behavior.

Yesterday, I had a real life friend late 20's Asian woman from my church block me on Instagram for no reason. I rarely post, the only thing I can think of is she didn’t like the caption I had written on a post about something I posted and another where I tag photo credit of an ex plate for taking a photo from a recent weekend trip.

Women make no sense sometimes. Jealousy can make women do weird sh!t. At the beginning of the month, I had a main plate block me on Instagram after viewing my story and realizing indirectly more or less I was out on a date with someone else.

She already started ghosting me earlier that week after flaking without a counteroffer but that's besides the point. I realize some are upfront about dating others and others hide plates behind the back early on in the dating phase when nonexclusive is indirectly communicated before commitment dialog pops up.

Blocking = emotional trigger. I believe they're in a state in which there is an attraction yet high frustration from lack of control, or a power dynamic at play.

Anyway, I thought this is an interesting topic for DJs suddenly getting blocked when things appear to be going well, quiet or drama free for the most part. This could be on social media or online through OLD apps and websites.

For discussion, when this happens do you typically 1) ghost/vanish at realizing the block 2) hit them up on another messaging platform to see "what's up" after a few days once blocked.

My default perspective is just to ignore the blocking and write them off. Sincerely interested women will always find a way to be around you. Uninterested women are a waste of time and thought, so they can carry on with their block imho. Plenty of women out there that are more deserving of your time.
"Multi-dating" ( plates ) works like magic for a male! It attracts babes to you like flies to shyt.


Master Don Juan
Mar 27, 2016
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Back in the 00s a HB8.5 - HB9 at work had my attention. Busty redhead. She would never reciprocate beyond casual conversation and she had a boyfriend besides. I was blue pilled and still fancied her.

At a party one time I expected her to show up and when she didn't I moronically told a few friends I wanted to fück her to a pulp. Oops. She showed up in front of my work department in her civvies after that, with her boyfriend and was kissing and rubbing up on him in front of me. lol.

Met her at a club a while later. She was drunk and jumped on me all excited and kissed me enthusiastically, but on the cheek. Her boyfriend (tall blonde surfer dude) was actually a decent guy. He helped me find the tang to my watch buckle which had come off outside, on the wooden planks of the pier the club was located on. I was terrified I would lose that irreplaceable tang between the planks but he found it for me. I wasn't wearing my glasses or contacts and couldn't see sh!t in the dark. If it hadn't been for him I would have lost it.

He disappeared at one point and it was just me and her hanging out. We walked arm in arm back to my car and I told her how good we looked walking together. She remarked moments later when a couple of cops, called to the club, moved aside to let us walk through them. I had her and my drunk friend in my car and dropped her off first. This is where I could have kissed her and invited her round mine. She had that pained look as we hugged goodbye. All I could think about was the boyfriend and how decent he'd been to me. Bear in mind this girl was probably in the top five girls I've ever fancied in my life.

Years later, I see her walking but have no time to stop so I ignore her. She doesn't see me or pretends not to. I check her FB and lo and behold, she's deleted me. I think I foolishly messaged her on there along the lines of "saw you near the train station, how's things?" No reply. I might even more foolishly have tried to add her back on there too. Had already lost her number by that point.

Moral of this essay? Ethics will ruin your chances of screwing a busty redhead. I don't know why she deleted me.
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Master Don Juan
Sep 28, 2008
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Inside her mind
If I block a woman it's based of principle not because I'm butthurt

I recently had a chick block me, on snapchat for what reason? I'm not sure we never met, so it is what it is maybe she didn't like one of my posts who cares

I had an old plate who would follow me and reach out now and than (I smashed a couple times in the past) every time I would say "hey lets get together" she would make some excuse or just stop responding. Finally I got the hint that she only followed me for validation and attention

make no mistake I block women as well, if a woman lies, flakes is disrespectful why let her continue to be on your social media? It's a privilege not a right