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Wait...or shi* or burst


Master Don Juan
Dec 30, 2012
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Advice i read on a previous thread is ...If a girl is willing to have sex..you have to go for it straight away...dont delay. I understand that. And since then if a girl is up for sex i try to make it happen asap. Example a girl was telling me how much she wanted to fu^k me last night....so even though i was about to go to bed...i said i come over now and **** you.... Dosent always serve well. I once followed that advice....and went to a girls house after a 12 hour shift at work. I was to tired to get an erection. Luckily she gave me another chance...i went up couple nights later when i was well rested and fu"ked her good.

Me personally. I would say its better to wait. I work mon to friday 12 hour shifts. Would be wise to wait until weekend when im more rested. What you think?
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Don Juan
Sep 9, 2021
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When a girl is interested in sex, you have to APPEAR uninterested but continue escalating. Like if she suggests going back to her place, you “think” for a bit and then say “I can do that”. So you get the sex but you show you don’t need it.

AFTER you’ve had sex with a girl, then you gotta slow down. Now you have leverage. Now is a good time to delay and wait for her to suggest meeting up next.


Master Don Juan
Apr 9, 2021
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You go for it straight away when you are IN PERSON with the girl. If she's saying this over text, you have more leeway. You *can* try and act on it right then and there if logistics are good, but it's not a deal breaker over text or the phone. It's not as much demand as it is a flirtation. You can still stoke the fire to keep her buying temperature up with no penalty. Just don't be dragging it out for weeks
on end.

In your case, you do indeed want to wait until the weekend when you're rested, so you can phuck her proper the first time.


Don Juan
Dec 30, 2022
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The thing is, "strike while the iron is hot" is usually how to do things in a fast paced world of casual sex and dating.. ie: you meet a girl at the club.. shes far unlikely to give you a second chance if you already took her home one night and didnt have sex with her or didn't even take her home. The same goes for Tinder in some casess.. especially if the girl is hot, super entitled and has tons of options.

With average girls with little options, it doesn't really matter... because if she likes you, and doesn't have too many other guys as options, you're still able to hit that..

Most girls aren't like guys.. They have their moments where they are super horny.. usually before their period comes.. and up to the very start of their period.. is when they're the most horny. If you miss out on that opportunity with a hot girl, trust me shes going to get it from somewhere else.


Master Don Juan
Sep 3, 2020
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Central Europe
It´s needy...... woman says jump, man jumps 24/7 to get pvssy.

If you are tired/not in the mood/whatever, you will propably do more damage to your image if you go there and do some halfhearted fvck or fail to get hardwood at all.

Also, being available 24/7 to a woman (for whatever reason) is a recipe for disaster.

If you need to worry she will jump on the next best **** that she texts after you, she is for the streets anyway.

That said, there is nothing wrong with being spontaneus, but be spontaneus when it suits you and not to please some random chick.


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