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  • Just going through my old bank statements. July 2012 £678 to david deangelo.com. I must have been very keen to learn back then HaHa.
    Nearly slipped on my date yesterday. She was talking about her figure. I nearly said "its ok, im not attracted to skinny girls"
    Be very careful when discussing these topics with women.
    Feel so confident after you have been on a succesful date. Less neeďy when messaaging other women. Women can feel that im not as needy.
    Over the last couple days a sexy Lithuanian women has invited me to her place.
    I have had two women sending me nudes.
    Four women prepared to meet me for sex. Not one of them even mentioned the lockdown. :)
    They say that states have a duty to protect their citizens, and that citizens have a duty to carry out certain tasks in a Just War.

    It doesn't matter that pacifists are motivated by respect for human life and a love of peace. The pacifists' refusal to participate in war does not make them noble idealists, but people who are failing to carry out an important moral obligation.

    The above is a ludicrous statement
    Cannot post. Page won't fully load to enable me to post. Everything else loads fine, apart from posting. Cannot reply to posts or create threads. Can post fine with Facebook
    Ironic how women complain about men using "hi how are you" opener online, yet majority of women use that same opener
    Used to be able to view a list of all threads i created. It seems this is now not possible. Has that option been removed?
    Two woman have send me a rectangle standing up. What does this mean?
    Just found out that it is because my phone isn't compatible with her Iphone. So no worries.
    The wealthiest people in the world are the most fu*king miserable. Why? They are'nt doing what they're supposed to be doing - Warrior
    Pamela Anderson has to be one of the hottest women I've seen when she was younger!!
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    I have a pic of me and Pam from 2003. Up close she looked like a circus clown b/c of the casked makeup
    Would still smash the shiat out of her, assuming she still has those implants.
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