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Thoughts about David DeAngelo and Double your Dating? [merged threads]

Oct 22, 2008
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I remember when i used to read his newsletters in winter 2006 and 2007. David Deangelo was my first source of pickup game. It introduced me to a brand new world.......... a world where money, cars, and good looks were not necessary to get girls. It gave me hope, and as a junior in high school i remember practicing c+F and several of his other spotlight topics. I remember that i was a lost little AFC, and had no game or any idea how to get girls. I thought being nice to them, buyig them gifts, and treating them like a princess was the key to get a girlfriend. I remember i got into Deangelos newsletters because i had a big crush on a girl in my geometry class. He thought about being a jerk and it was truley amazed,( at the time), that this was the way to get girls.

I bought his "double Your Dating" ebook, and at the time i would have given it an A-. Now i give it a D. It covers the basics, and its like more like a pamphlet than an encyclopedia. Just like how to be an alpha male by john alexander its covers a bit of everything, but it has no substance.

I give it a D because its like a basic training manual. It only covers the surface... and doesnt tell you how to be authentic, or how the more advanced nuts and bolts you need to be a Natural. It teaches you to be a verbal robot, a robot who wears a confidence mask to appear like a sex-worthy guy. It teaches you how to go from level 1/10 to 3/10. You learn more from Sosuave.com and RSDnaton.com than that ebook.

I would not recommend it.