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Roober growth journal


Master Don Juan
Nov 2, 2016
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The nice thing about writing something down is that it makes it a bit more tangible. One of the best examples is writing goals down with set deadlines. I feel it necessary to log my growth and hopefully share with others maybe as an example of what could potentially be achieved. While I do not represent the absolute model of success, I would like to think that my trajectory is headed North. So, let me backtrack a bit…

If you want the short version, scroll to the last post…


I spent some about 10 months working on a restaurant. While I did invest about 80k, I had to walk away (story for another day). However, I did learn an immense amount. Once I walked away, this was the first time I told my ex-wife that she makes me miserable. She was completely against my restaurant venture and career growth. I was baggage handler (Company A) at a major airline, making about 40k a year. Looking back, one thing I did that was very smart/risky was move 100% of my ex and my own retirement into the airlines stock, which was $8/share at the time


Other than serious marital troubles, multiple counselors, and some "career development" type jobs, it was mostly unsuccessful. In May 2015, I finally left my baggage handler position to become an instructor with company A, training new hires and existing employees. My new salary was 60k/year

Decisions that fueled my success...
-Working two jobs while learning about biotech
-My two young boys. Amazingly, I feel like kids can drive new motivations for men. For me, I would ask myself "how can an unsuccessful father expect excellence from his own child?"


This was a big year for me. In January, I finally asked for a divorce(good), I moved out of the marital house(not so good), and landed a new job (Company B) at 75k per year. Money was extremely tight, and my ex was trying her hardest to get full custody, while constantly telling me I'm a horrible person and father. Emotionally, 2016 was an absolute mess. I dated a girl who my ex-wife harassed all the time, and tried dating others. It was just a carousel of complicated situations. This is the state I was in when I found SS in November 2016. I was burning through cash like crazy, never sleeping well, and constantly in emotional flux. There was hope though, SS had helped me restore confidence and opened my eyes. Coincidentally, the more I learned, the more my political leaning began to slant right. I was liberal before this, but I never really understood why

Steps that fueled my success...
-Getting the courage to shift the power in the marriage and request a divorce
-Embellishing my resume... I only had 9 months in training. Company B wanted 3 years. I added time because I was 100% sure I was capable of the job



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