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  • Cola thanks for the response. I really don't need to be in no mess. I'd suspect that strip club would have more incidents than other types. Good on you recognizing self control is important.
    How did bouncer work for you. Did it improve any quality in your regular life? Did you have any serious trouble in that situation?

    Over reacted recently on a customer. I used excessive force and broke my finger in the process.
    If he would have sued it could have ruined me.
    So if you lack self control, and cant determine a reasonable amount of force vs a justified amount of force in a moments notice steer clear.
    As far bouncing, if you are jacked and nice looking it's a lot of easy number closes.
    I've been asked to meet girls at their place after the club closes a couple times.

    I'm always scared they'll say they were drunk and I was sober so I raped them.
    The couple hundred extra bucks a week is really nice. Extra 1000 bucks a month or so for standing there looking big.

    1 year of bouncing I've been in one fight, maybe broke up 3 others.
    Of course this will vary based on the type or crowd you work with.
    Young people generally equal more fights.
    Escalating simplified: touch her arm, then her back, then put your arm around her.. and keep advancing till she tells you to stop
    Hey man, just wondering, how could I get the charm and social know-how to not need a hooker?
    Tell me a little about your life, background and what hurdles are you running into?
    Well I make little money but I'm improving that. The main one I have always had is...I don't know how to escalate things, and only know how to be direct, which I know doesn't work. I also have no real experience "picking up" or "number closing" and don't really live in an ideal place for day game.
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