rational male

  1. P

    how did you apply the rational male in your life?

    I have read the rational male book and it's all theories but i wonder how did you apply it in your life? I have seen that roosh v's stuffs are more like practical applications of the rational male
  2. J

    arousal vs attraction how to be arousal with women?

    hey guys I watched Rollo tomassis last video on youtube and its about arousal vs attraction. he says attraction is for example being funny having money... but how to be arousing to women? What can I do? Greets
  3. T

    The Rational Male

    Just finished reading the Rational Male Trilogy. I read preventative medicine twice. I have all three books in print and have preventative medicine and RM on Audiobooks. I'm going to start reading the whole series again once I've finished a few other books I'm reading. I said on this forum...
  4. Duke Smellington

    Results since taking the redpill

    Before I get into the results I've experienced in my first stage of taking and absorbing the redpill truth, I'll start with some background about myself.. I was raised in a blue-pill, Christian home by mom, grandmother, and a feminized father who was financially and emotionally ravaged by the...
  5. Game0ver

    Help me to eradicate my last piece of beta in me

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on the forum, although I've already seen several discussion as a spectator. With the following, my intent is to ask you for help to defeat the last and most painful beta-behavior that's still rooted within myself. Ready? Let's go. Problem: I'm not used to...
  6. Berom

    When a plate wants more.

    I've completed reading "The Rational Male" and have just started "Preventative Medicine" within a matter of days. You could say I'm still "unplugging" myself from the matrix as it isn't easy for me to change a paradigm this quickly. The concept of spinning plates has really intrigued me...