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Apr 22, 2017
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"Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power." - Lao Tzu

What is frame?

Frame is your overall reality.
It's your personal rose coloured tinted glasses which you use to view the world.
It's the ability to define and maintain terms of the social interaction and the ability to project your masculine essence outwards.

In any social situation, one person is always reacting more than the other. In that interaction that person has a smaller frame.

A person with a strong frame has more social power, respect and gets what he wants.

You CANNOT try, act or pretend to have a stronger frame. A strong frame is subconscious and emotional.

It's the difference between a man who's never been in a fight and one who's fought over a 100.

It's the difference between a man reading 10 books on seduction and another who has approached 10 girls a day for months.

What is power?

Power is the ability to affect anyone greatly, while being affected very little.

Ex: A million dollars given to someone by a billionaire wouldn't affect him at all, whereas the recipient's life would change.

A rockstar can affect the mood of tons of people who can't really affect him much.

How can you build a strong frame?

We can build a stronger frame by adopting a frame of POWER.

Interact with people from a position of power.

Take a job where you are needed more than the job.

Pursue women who need you more than you need her.

Be close friends with people who want your company more than you want theirs.

Force social interactions as curiosity about the other person and qualifying them rather then supplicating.

Disregard the seriousness of what others say and steer the conversation towards what you want, subtly by using secondary communication.

What are the stages of developing frame strength?

  1. IDGAF - As you adopt the power frame, you'll notice you stop caring about almost everything. Got rejected? Good you needed her more than she needed you. You don't operate that way. Got rejected at an interview? You don't need that kind of job where you weren't needed anyway. Your friend didn't invite you to his party? Get new friends.
  2. Abundance - As you learn to discard things, people, places, women and hobbies which don't need you more than you need them, you start experiencing abundance. No more oneitis, no more miserable job, no more. Your default position would become to move on to situations where you are wanted.
  3. Fearlessness- Fear revolves around loss and as you experience abundance, attachment and loss fail to even exist in your emotional state. You will have a look in your eye. People listen when you say something to them because you would be honest. You'd notice women noticing you, guys following you.
  4. Personality - Your courage and fearlessness would help you travel, experiment with new hobbies, and moving on to new people would give you a rich and interesting life. You will captivate people with the anecdotes, aphorisms and experiences you gather.
  5. No approach anxiety - As you don't pursue women who don't want you more than you want them, there is no approach anxiety. You aren't interested in a woman unless she's interested in you.
  6. Confidence -If you are fit and have the above unlocked, women will be attracted to you, and be attracted to your frame like cat to catnip. You can say anything you want, what makes a difference is how you say it.
  7. Sh!t tests and frame control - Once you develop a strong frame, you won't even care about sh!t tests and pass them easily. This is because your words and actions are congruent to your frame.

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts here. A strong frame, at its deepest level, cannot be glued onto your personality overnight. It is accreted slowly, like the drops of water falling in caves that gradually, over time, produce such wondrous mineral formations.
It takes years of seasoning: experience, blood, toil, tears, sweat, battles, ups, downs, highs, lows, joys, depressions, scars, bangs, books, anguish, agony, fury, trips, and jobs to acquire.

It's well worth it, and never stops.
You are welcome to join my journey.
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