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approach anxiety

  1. A

    Opportunity to take action

    Hello, guys a new member here. I found this place while reading ''The Rational Male'' by Rollo Tomassi. I see a lot of posts just complaining about something and it is depressing to read them. What I want to do is actually try approach women but I don't want to do that alone. Let's say I have...
  2. G

    Help with approach "blockade"

    Thursday afternoon, I'm going home from work. I get into a tram and spot a cute blondie, with nice long hair and cool outfit. We lock eyes for a couple of seconds, I smile, then she looks down and touches her hair. Then I FREEZE. I know what I want to do, I want to go there and say "Hi", or one...
  3. universal dawah

    How did you guys conquer your approach anxiety?

    How did you guys conquer your approach anxiety and how do you think I can conquer it
  4. w4nhels1ng

    Fear of approaching women

    Hello guys, How did you overcome the fear of rejection? Do you have any tactics, techniques or exercises towards this confidence problem? It happens to me every time when I watch some kind of video about approaching women and I would get motivated, only the sky would be a limit. And when I...
  5. darksprezzatura


    "Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power." - Lao Tzu What is frame? Frame is your overall reality. It's your personal rose coloured tinted glasses which you use to view the world. It's the ability to define and maintain terms of the social interaction and the ability...
  6. E

    My main insecurities

    I have some main insecurities when I want to approach woman. I know I should just "fvck it" and go for it but it is easier said then done. Those unsecurities are universal for day/night time, ordered by how serious they are: 1. My age. I feel like to old for this and I try to find woman around...
  7. Dillsion1

    Upperclassmen experience - Approach Anxiety(How to dissolve anxiety in approach and life)

    I'm a Junior in Highschool. I've personally explored the extremes in life for myself. As far as nihilistic views and even toxic relationships, but I've also experienced very positive extremes. One night stands, sex with several girls in a couple weeks, but also stable relationships. In order...
  8. l e g e n d a r y

    Free PDF: 5 Steps to Start Meeting Women in the Daytime. it covers how to start taking action and bu

    Download the Free PDF at http://www.DaytimeAttraction.com Hey what's up guys? I wrote this guide to help as many guys as possible, so if you have any questions, feedback, comments, want to tell me it sucks ass and why (lol), etc.. just leave a comment here or contact me directly on the contact...
  9. A

    AAAgent's Approach journal

    Direct Approach attempt number 1 beautiful blonde working at express folding shirts alone in the mens section. I walk by and do nothing because of AA. i walk around then leave. I go get my lunch and eat to hopefully calm down and i walk back in 15 mins later. she is surrounded by 1 mom and...