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Men are your competition, not your friends.


Master Don Juan
Feb 1, 2016
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No doubt. I found that it doesn't matter what their situation is -- married, unavailable, ugly, has no chance whether you exist or not. It's usually about pride, ego, jealousy, competition, etc. The worse their character is, the worse it gets in my experience. Some people simply can't be happy for other's success or believe the world revolves around them and they're the only ones deserving of anything, regardless of what they may already have. Some even get angry because you rejected a girl that they wouldn't have (since they have no options) and try to twist it around as if you couldn't get her. It's just sad.
Very True.

Another point I have is:
If you were truly happy with your gf, fiance, wife.....You wouldn't be looking to cheat on her.