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"I have a boyfriend"


Master Don Juan
Apr 6, 2021
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Your best response is
"I'm sure he's perfect for you". There fixed that for ya... If she isn't interested you can at least speed up hypergamous nature by sowing the seed of discontent. It turns a rejection into a bit of fun.


Senior Don Juan
Sep 22, 2020
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Dude when a woman mentions upfront that she has a bf, husband or even seeing somebody that means she's not interested in you even if she's lying or not. Your best response is ok no problem and walk away. Men are not competitors they are opportunists so stop simping over a woman who telling u she has a bf.
not true. They say it as an instinct so they dont have to take responsbility if my **** is in there pvssy the next day.


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Master Don Juan
Jun 13, 2016
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It's funny, when I tell women I have a girlfriend, they usually start grilling me about her. How long have you been dating? ??Does she have kids? Do your Kids or ex like her? were the last convo I had.

I wonder if we did the same thing to women what the reaction would be? Especially after talking to them, Said , "hey can you give me his number? He sounds like a cool guy I'd like to hangout with?"

I remember 5 years ago I was poolside at a resort and started chatting up the cute blonde next to me. After awhile she let the B-word slip, I asked her about him and it turns out he was a famous actor from an old sitcom. She introduced me when he came to join her and we hung out that night later..
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