how much effort you put to get sex?


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Dec 31, 2011
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what's the average number of days you need to find a girl you find sexy and end up banging her?

I mean, we all know women can find a guy they find attractive to have sex with pretty easily. Men, however, have to 'work' a lot to get sex, it is not an easy task.
We have to get dozens of numers, go out, start conversations, use Tinder, facebook, bars, social circle...sometimes you dont feel like talking to random girls...etc.

So, if you started today to go out and meet girls, get numbers etc, when would you suceed? how many days would pass?
This is just a number to calculate how much effort you have to put to get the sex.

For example, in my case, it can vary from one month (being super optimistic) to one year or more (being more real/pesimistic).
I have little free time so I just go out to meet chicks once a week.

I am excluding uglies, fatties, and weird women in general from this. Just women you do find attractive.


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Jan 10, 2014
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if i really needed it and i had spare cash / time available to facilitate it, im confident i could get it by tmorrow evening

ive got 2 chicks orbiting me who im pretty sure would pay good money to have my D in them

one is a single mother who holds little appeal to me but she has her own place and has made it clear i can come over to screw her whenever .......

the other ive screwed before, she lives about 400 miles away but is extremely keen to meet halfway

now if were talking about how long id need to invest in a woman i actually wanted.......

well again circumstances permitting id be confident i could get the job done within 8 weeks


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Nov 9, 2015
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This is why is vital to be exploring new plates constantly, because it takes some time to get a regular puss, and you don't want to end up on a dry spell. I think the english expression is "setting pipelines". My ideal situation, and the one I'm working towards is 3 regular plates and to get a new girl each week (and I mean working towards the bang, not actually banging her, lol), to explore possible new plates and have options on the phonebook in case a plate falls off. I'm far from this, yet, but I'm sure it is doable on a 3 years of DonJuaning around consistently.


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Oct 29, 2007
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Pretty much zero. Even when I have a long dry spell, I don't go to a random club thinking "man I must **** today". I do keep sex friends when I can, but I'm not desperate for them.

Random sex with strangers is exciting, but the act itself hasn't been too great for me.
I also don't play relationships just to secure sex; too much hassle in exchange for something that's not real.

Now that I'm not 20 anymore I really have to say it's way better if you have some real feelings going on ;) In that case you're also way hornier.