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"How could it have gone wrong??" - The Sh*t Test Everyone Fails


Master Don Juan
Oct 4, 2016
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That is exactly what happened to me in my last relationship. I "captured" a high value woman and then she dominated the relationship because I became insecure. She was the first (I'm 34) woman I can say I loved and it caused a lot of pain. I am absolutely loving The Rational Male right now. I have serious work to do.
Same but it's not over, I can just feel the neediness growing and it's frightening. Have to cut that **** off. You think by now it would be easier.


Senior Don Juan
Dec 12, 2017
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What you've REALLY just done is fallen into the most clever reverse-psychology gambit women have in their arsenal. You've been blinded by the prospect of victory, so you don't realize you've been suddenly swept into the REAL challenge.
I'm gonna be frank with you, all this '**** test' talk was confusing af at first. No, not this post, I'm talking about overall. And really, I realized the problem is that a lot of posters on here overcook it way too much. And I mean, way, way too much.

Instead of analyzing the woman for tests, why not just be confident and be honest with her? Why overcomplicate things by having to think about what's a test vs what's not? If anything, you can be testing her and seeing if she's not a gold digger, etc. Have her be the one who thinks she's losing you so that she takes the 'hold-the-line' mentality.

And honestly...how SHOULD you? Especially if this is your first time reaching that point with a woman? Even the best game-runners have no CLUE this is coming and fall to this gambit. The ONLY men who survive it are "naturals".
Eventually you'll reach a point where you don't have to worry about how much texting you're doing, how much you're buying, etc. If you make one mistake it probably won't end the relationship - it's doing it twice that might end in tragedy, but if it turns out you're a walking p ussy with no backbone to speak of, then that sure as hell will make her ghost you.