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  1. S

    Girl at university I aproached after 4 years!!!

    Well, there is this chick who I consider to be the prettiest girl in my university. The first time I looked at her it was a long time ago, probably 4 years ago while I was reading a book, I didn't aproach her but she catch me while I was looking at her, I got very nervous and I left the place...
  2. Fzatf

    Education Opportunities

    I am completing my associates degree this summer and have a couple of options. I'm currently on disability and will have an opportunity to study while I'm watching my daughter while my soon to be ex-wife works. I can either take out student loans and work on my bachelor's degree for computer...
  3. B

    Talking to someone who likes somebody else

    I've had my eyes on this girl for a while now. She was in a relationship like two months ago, got out of it, and now she's talking to somebody again. I didn't even know she was looking for someone but sure enough, she's in the talking stage with someone already. He doesn't go to our school...
  4. B

    Should I Try?

    Hey, guys. Well, I moved on from the last girl I liked. To be honest, I'd rather date inside of my school just because of the fact that if I date, out of school, I could get played, cheated on etc. since I'm not always around them. Anyway, there's this one girl who's pretty cool. She's so funny...