Extraordinarily depressing scene from French movie


Master Don Juan
Aug 6, 2009
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That guy's a real pal, sounds like a blast to hang out with. Good times.

Who Dares Win

Master Don Juan
Jan 16, 2012
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The environment of the club has no weight, its the message which is true and cruel at the same time.

A guy who get screwed up like that will hardly be a productive law abiding citizen, we will be lucky if they will "retaliate" on society simply by not paying taxes...a columbine outcome is not far from reality if they find the wrong people online.

You probably realize that the discomfort many guys are expressing now is exponentially higher than only 10 years ago and it surely wont get better the following years.

Blue balls, a hurt ego and nothing to lose is not a mix that brings anything good on a society....guns will simply make it worse.

In my opinion the most dangerous thing is that those guy are no longer feeling like lonely losers, they now find others like them and they basically push each other into thinking that they have been wronged therefore entitled to revenge.

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