Can’t get hard with this chick


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Aug 17, 2017
Happens to me sometimes too. Could me too much sex, jerking, porn, tired, nerves.

I keep 7 packs of liquid kamagra on deck, not just for this but because it makes me rock and I can do multiple rounds easy and basically perform like a sex God.

Good luck g
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Nov 2, 2011
Dude do consider drinking the tea out of that shrub I linked you. Old men drink it and get boners. Just think what kind of sexual beast you will become. You only drink a few times a week, it will improve you down bellow. As far as problems, we all have them from time to time, that's why we need sh1t like this to keep it all in check all the time.


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Apr 21, 2018
OP, it's really not that hard. LOL - no pun intended. You see a naked lady, that has an attractive bod and you should get hard. If you don't, it could be excessive masturbation, anxiety, mental block, etc. Now, if the lady looks like Matilda, then I can understand. I remember a few months ago, I was with this lady at her place. We started kissing and foundling, she wanted me to go to her bedroom, but I really wasn't attracted to her. She didn't look like her pics online and she was about 20 lbs overweight in the wrong areas; big boobs and butt though. I was hard, but I just wasn't attracted to her, just her boobs and butt. I didn't do the deed, so I am not sure what's your issue. I am thinking it would either be over masturbation or anxiety. Just chill on the porn and don't get anxious when you're with the lady. If you need some liquid courage or other substance, then do what you got to do. I also heard about this natural herb, horny goat weed. Check it out. It might help.


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Aug 27, 2015
I totally agree.
But when it comes to women who I really like or if they really like me, a little bit of communication clears that road pretty easily. Most of the times if a person has chosen to get naked in your bed they are attracted sexually. People get self conscious or think too much most of the time.

If OP is kissing the woman and getting turned on enough to get her in to bed, I gurentee he’s just in his head. Otherwise he wouldn’t have desire to kiss her and take her clothes off.

No sexual chemistry; you’d know from the second you were talking to her you couldn’t tune in to her satellite to play your music
Actually if they care enough they can setup a "proxy" so your communication will make it.

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Dash Riprock

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Sep 16, 2005
Mile High City, USA
This used to happen to me once in a while with new chicks. Got a Rx for 20mg Sildenafil, problem solved. I only need 10mg to get rock hard even after drinking. It also really delays my climax so I can f*uck for 30-90+ minutes when I take it. Only been using the last year or so. Most women are like "WTF!? How long can you go??" Lol


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Apr 30, 2006
I’ve slept with this chick twice. Just tried banging her a few hours ago and was able to get the job done but nothing to brag about. I was only about 70% of my full size.

I am pretty embarrassed because I feel like she had high expectations for me.

I went home and rubbed one out and was hard as a rock looking at some porn in a matter of a minute. Nothing wrong with my erections.

I just couldn’t get turned on for some reason. I really like this girl and want to keep her I care about her but I’m starting to wonder if the problem is her? Any advice? She was giving me head and doing everything she could to get me hard but nothing...

Slept with a different chick a few months ago first night I met her and was great absolutely no issues.

I want to redeem myself and really give it to her good one time...she’s still talking to me but **** maybe I should just be done with it and move on to another girl
Well, there is the Al Bundy method: have an image in your mind from Big 'Uns magazine. Of course, you might be desensitized by p0rn, causing the problem to begin with.

I seem to have a problem with women that have some marker of masculine features that make me wonder if a gal is a tranny. :eek: