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4 dates - nothing but making out...


Don Juan
Dec 10, 2010
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Girl I met on OLD. 1st date was just drinks. 2nd date a small hike- at this point after failing to escalate I thought nah this is low interest. Waited a week- set up a date- bowling & drinks- instant yes keen. Date was decent- made out at the end(why did I wait till the end). Next date a movie and which I realise is a terrible date option an at this stage she we should be smashing back at mine. But no just ended in making out.

I am not used to things progressing this slow- mostly of my own doing(feel low energy at the moment with work stress a study commitments)

4 dates and F all to show for it. Feels like I'm wasting my time.

Do I bother with a next one or just move on?
Contrary to many of the other posts, but this woman is interested, maybe not sizzling hot, but medium-high interest.

If she wasn't interested she wouldn't have gone on four dates, if there was no chemistry or prospect she would have flaked or ghosted already.

Now you've made fundamental mistakes, i.e. not being aggressive enough to close, but she hasn't held it against you. Hence why she keeps showing up for dates.

Your next date, you need to accelerate things, ask her to come around for dinner and to watch Netflix, if she agrees this is your opportunity to push the boundaries sexually.

Your post reminds me of this video..

I seem to be initiating all the contact- setting up the dates(not chit chat)
Don't worry, as long as she is making easy and turns up.

If I ain't smashing on First date, or latest the second date... Then I move the F on... I escalate to sex always on first date
Then you're leaving vagina on the table.

sometimes it's not possible to smash on the first date, due to logistics or other factors outside your control. I've had many lays on the 2nd and 3rd date. If I gave up I would have missed out!
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Master Don Juan
Apr 9, 2021
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I bet you she’s getting over an ex and isn’t over them, she’s using online dating and you to pass the time because she’s bored. She’s acting exactly like a couple girls I met from OLD when I was on it.
Women like that also will target perceived "nice guys" on OLD and make the guy wait in order to make themselves feel less taken advantage of by their ex, and to make them feel better about dating in general (at the targeted guy's expense).


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