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  1. B

    My success on Tinder as a standard guy

    Hi, I'm 28 years old, I'm a standard guy. I'm not ugly, however when I put my pictures on Tinder I hardly got any matches and only women I didn't like paid attention to me. I felt it wasn't worth it to spend my time for regular women. I used filters on my photos and things got a little better...
  2. B

    A random guy at the club cannot compete with Tinder, Bumble and her social circle

    There are so many nonsense threads talking about "club game", whether its getting her number at the club and following up the next day or getting her back to your house for a quick lay, I am here to say that its an inefficient way of meeting women and you'll lose out to men she meets on social...
  3. HyenaPrince

    Is she shady? (Tinder Date)

    I've matched this woman on tinder a week ago. She's a solid 8. Blonde, great tits and works out. I haven't been texting her much. A couple of phrases to work out logistics. I told her to come to ABC restaurant at 5 pm and she was instantly down for it. This was today. Something important came up...
  4. CamCam

    Ridiculous Tinder profiles; aka greedy/entitled/demanding/unreasonable

    I keep coming across profiles that I've wanted to elbow one of you in the side and have a chuckle at; or a discussion for that matter. We all know the type; the girl with near nude photos of herself that writes in her text that she is "tired of being treated like a piece of meat," or, "isn't...
  5. devilkingx2

    do you think the dating scene overall favors men?

    if you google it, there are a ton of articles written within the last few years (mostly 2015 specifically) suggesting that dating heavily favors men these days 1. https://nypost.com/2015/08/25/hey-ladies-here-are-8-reasons-youre-single/ 2...
  6. A

    Tinder and OLD gods... any advice?

    Hey so my question is I’m at the point where I can match with multiple girls on tinder, however we know most of them are going to flake that’s expected. But what about the ones that I actually talk to and have a conversation with? Recently I have been trying to cut conversations short and give...
  7. B

    Tinder Girls (and other apps) that specify "do not communicate unless looking for an LTR"

    I have noticed a steep rise in women on these so called "dating" apps in the last few years specifying that they do not want male attention unless that said male is looking for a long term relationship. To me this doesn't make any logical sense as how are you supposed to tell if you want it to...
  8. W

    Dating Website Profile Picture - PhotoFeeler

    I've come across a website where people rate you against 3 criteria on photos you upload. I uploaded two photos and wanted to see the results from the site. (see attached) for optical glasses I got: smart 76%, trustworthy 51%, attractive 41% percentile for sunglasses I got: smart 31%...
  9. pyros

    second date flake...

    I met this chick on Tinder a weeek ago. She texted me a few times during the week and then we went on one date, and it was very good. We actually clicked pretty well, and she was very cute. She said a few times that she was 'crazy' though. I gave her a small kiss at the end of the date but I...
  10. Berom

    Spinning those plates while on Tinder

    I know we have a couple threads being discussed currently about Tinder techniques and such - so I apologize on beating the horse with this app. I've been dating "spinning" a plate for a month or so. We hang out/fvck twice a week or so. She hasn't brought up exclusivity yet, but we seem to be...
  11. A

    Tinder. Is dating app(s) killing day/night game?

    Title. Are the methods we used in the life outside internet no longer valid? I mean if everything goes through internet (Tinder-like apps, facebook, instagram etc...) is there a room for original DayGame (streets, shops, cafeterias, happenings etc.) and NightGame (bars, clubs, pubs, social...