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How do I adjust Tinder game from small college town to big city


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Feb 10, 2024
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Hey guys,

I am a good looking guy who lives a cool life. In college, I mainly got laid from mutual friends or very blunt, to the point, first messages asking if girls want to hu when I was in college. Now a grad, living in Chicago and NYC half/half. I've noticed the cheeky single message doesn't work as well in these big cities, and I suspect because everyone has their guard up a little more in these large cities (like who is this random dude, do i trust him, etc).

So my question is, what methods do you guys use to keep conversation minimal yet still have fun with women? I have had success in bars but I would like to get a few more women on the back burner so to say, and I think tinder could be the solution. I am looking for type of conversation, flintiness level, and how much required yapping about their interests, if needed. I've become hesitant to message my new matches with such language do to the horrid success rate thus far in Chicago.