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  1. CollegeMan22

    Woman Keeps Texting and Calling Me to Ask Questions — How to Proceed?

    So I gamed this girl (HB 7.5) on Thursday at a Halloween party and got her number. She then invited me to another Halloween party last night, which I went to with her. We went with her HB5 best friend, who was also there when I met her. I did a lot of neg hits with HB7.5 and got in a lot of kino...
  2. HyenaPrince

    Would You Rather...?

    Would you rather: 1. Have a rather unattractive girlfriend who's obese and has, let's say, crooked and yellow teeth etc. But you drank a magic potion so you see and feel her as a perfectly fine HB10. 2. Have a legitimate HB10 which can also seen as such by other men. In this case though she...
  3. D

    How do you answer when a woman asks you how many women you have had sex with?

    How do you answer when a woman asks you how many women you have had sex with?
  4. Von

    Why are you dating me?

    The question is the thread title. I got that question from each of my LTR. 3 LTR, 3 different girl (in all aspect), same question, Same answer: Me: Why you are dating me? Her: Cause you know how to fight Or Her: Von, I am dating you cause you know how to fight -- So what you think they...
  5. I

    Being interesting on the first date

    Alright, so you've gotten a girl to go out, or hang out, with you.. But if you're anything like me, or like I used to be, you might have some problems with being interesting or different than other guys. I used to have some trouble with the conversation part - like if the girl didnt contribute a...