1. AJHook

    No Facebook & Meeting Women; The Concept of Social Proof

    Greetings gentlemen, As a young prospective DJ machete-ing his way through through the jungle of dating and seduction uncertainty, I'd thought I would bring up topic of discussion which appears to me to be a new obstacle. As a 28 year old, I have been without a Facebook account for 3 years...
  2. B

    Got her number. Now what?

    I saw this cute girl on one of my friends social media. I asked my friend who she was and for whatever reason she sent a picture of me to her and said that "my friend wants to talk to ya". An hour later and I now have her number. But this girl looks to be out of my league and I'm sure has a lot...
  3. B

    Should I Say This to Get Her Number?

    I like this girl in my grade but we don't really talk that much. Just a hi and bye basis, really. I think she's single and I wanna finally get her number. I finally thought of what to say to get her number. Can someone critique it? "Hey <name> how was your day"..."I see you at the games, doing...
  4. I

    Hit on pharmacy cashier, didn't get number

    On Monday I went into a pharmacy to get condoms (as a student I can get them free from certain places) and the cashier was this Asian qt. I wanted to test a line I stole from a Chateau Heartiste article so I asked if they "have any in extra small?". The look on her face was priceless. Her jaw...
  5. pyros

    how long do you wait until you delete her number?

    So, when you meet a girl and you get her number, then you text her someday...a few hours pass and she doesnt reply... when do you decide that she's just not interested and you delete her number? For example, last week, I met a chick. A few days later I texted her and she replied three days...