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  1. TheNewStyle123

    Is she being nice because she wants to be friends?

    Hi gentlemen. Started talking to this girl on bumble a week ago. I gave her my number on the app and she ended up texting me. We have been texting back and forth pretty sporadically for the past week (she travels a lot and seems to be kind of a nomad - going away to NYC, Connecticut, etc...
  2. TheNewStyle123

    Trying to convince a friend to swallow the red pill...

    Hi everyone! My friend (let's call him J) is up visiting this weekend and we are trying to make the best of this COVID situation by finding something to do out on the town. Anyways, I am 27, recently divorced, and having fun on the dating apps while applying the principles learned from 'The...
  3. N

    Need help with my situation, got LJBF'd by my best friend!

    I'm in love with my best friend who I hang out with everyday, it's been like that for years now. We've traveled abroad together, we do almost everything together. I'm currently in the midst of a divorce and over the last year, me and the bestie got even closer because I would talk to her about...
  4. carlitos_91

    "Love triangle" at work. LJBF. Trying to kill my betta behavior.

    Hi guys, 10x for accepting me. Met up a girl at work (yep, 1st mistake, probably). She: just starting at the office, 19 YO, looks - 7. She just lost 18 kilograms (40 pounds) - and now she is starting to get real attention from guys. Me - 28 YO, team lead, for sure the alpha at the office (not so...
  5. N

    End of 7 year LTR with oneitis. Need advice

    Hi everyone, I could use some advice if possible. Met this girl when I was 25 (her 22), and I had a lot of options at the time, but ended up in serious relationship with this one. Was great, for 7 years, now its over and don't know what to do. No more social circle, don't even know any other...
  6. Black Magic

    I Need an Alpha Mindset

    Hey all, first post. I'm new to Red Pill thanks to The Rational Male, No More Mr. Nice Guy, and other sources, and feel like I have a long road of recovery ahead. Backstory...been sober for a few years and almost a year ago joined another 12 step program for relationships. I have not...
  7. MrPat

    How to know what to do ?

    Hi, I'm MrPat from France. I'm new at this forum so nice to meet you. (My English is a bit "rusty" so, please do me a favour by being tolerant with the way I express myself and the words i use ;). ) I'm a divorced guy for 4 years (46yo). Last Year, in june I met a divorced woman from my town...
  8. T

    Ljbf negative reaction

    So I’ve been friends with this girl for a while, through mutual friends, she would flirt with me and want to hang out weekly, I made a move and got rejected so I cut her off. She contacted me randomly and I decided I was gonna reject her ljbf offer due to me trying to leave my arc behavior...
  9. Game0ver

    Help me to eradicate my last piece of beta in me

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on the forum, although I've already seen several discussion as a spectator. With the following, my intent is to ask you for help to defeat the last and most painful beta-behavior that's still rooted within myself. Ready? Let's go. Problem: I'm not used to...
  10. T

    LJBF after first date and escalation

    Hi, I would like to get a second opinion. HB 8/10, probably personal record looks wise. Met offline. Called her after 5 days. We went on a date. Tried to kiss her after 3 hours. Kiss lasted one second, she said she could not do it. Tried again one hour later. Did not work out. We sat on a...
  11. B

    Friend zone fun

    I tried to make this short, but... Worked with a girl a few years ago...she was way young (16 - I was 27...21/32 now) back then so there was nothing there obviously except her being my buddy at work. Fast fwd a few years...I moved away and she had just gotten out of a long relationship and we...