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  1. Aurora Demon

    Kaleidoscope Journey To Mastery.

    Kaleidoscope Journey To Mastery. Hopefully this is okay to post, every other forum I've been on this is okay. This is a journal for my quest towards Mastery of Seduction and my progress and field reports and such. I'm going to post a few old ones, and epiphanies. Copying and pasting the...
  2. Aurora Demon

    Aurora Demon's - Wealth & Success Journal.

    Aurora Demon's - Wealth & Success Journal. Just starting this for now. Came into a decent amount of money a few years ago accidentally, about $100,000. Long story. Trying to make enough passive income to live off of. I have a decent amount of money saved and have a lot of money I can...
  3. Aurora Demon

    Aurora Demon's - Diet & Nutrition Journal

    To note: I have 4 personal trainer's certifications, 2 were not online. And I've had 3 professional sessions with dietitians. I've read and taken classes on diet and nutrition along with learning from more well-versed friends and colleagues. My minor in college was on this topic. Okay, so I've...
  4. O

    And so it begins..

    Hello fellow adventurers. I've been stuck in a rut lately, but today something happened that I know most of you experienced - let's begin. Well, I don't know how to start actually. Right now I'm currently sitting at a cafe, heartbroken, confused, and dizzy from what happened earlier this...
  5. P

    My Journal: from AFC to DJ

    Enough is enough! I am sick of being an AFC. Sick of being lazy. It's not the problem with girl or others, deep down it's me. I was lazy, introverted, looser. Not anymore. With this journal, I will be changing myself and updating my progress daily. First things first, replace my AFC habits with...
  6. T

    Thunder_god's adventures in Europe Part II

    It's time to return back to Europe! After my trip to Europe last year, it really opened my eyes on what I was really missing out on being stuck here in the feminist capital of North America. I knew I had to go back and made a promise to myself that I would, so here I am, about to get on a plane...
  7. A

    AlexLefty’s 3 Month Vegas Immersion Journal of Awesomeness

    What if YOU could dedicate all of your time to learning game?* Hey guys, my name is Alex. I’m new to the forum (kind of, I posted in the HS section years ago) but not to game (at least the theory). Game and the study of social dynamics have been active interests of mine ever since I stumbled...
  8. N

    My Journal

    Hi guys. I'm not new here but I haven't been active on this forum. I first discovered it when I was in high school around 2007 but I didn't really become more interested in game until recently. Tonight I went out for the first time to practice daygame on the streets. I came home to review what...