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  1. reality250

    What to post on IG for being the king ?

    Hello folks, i 2018-2020 I heard how important Instagram nowadays is, I always do IG Close instead of Numberclose. Btw this is my profile: instagram.com/tandigital/ I am posting all about my daily life, and would appreciate every feedback to get more people looking at my stories since this is...
  2. I

    Some questions about Instagram game (noob)

    How do you find a good number of girls in your area? What openers do you usually use (in case she doesn't have stories or anything other than her looks that grabs your attention)? Is there anything you do that brings traffic to your profile, like reels or specific hashtags? My profile is only...
  3. S

    Become Famous And Turn Plates

    Hi guys, This is my first blog in SoSuave. Firstly, I need to thanks this website's admins. Let's get to the point, I live in Turkey, and Our feminine people are getting too much. I become a football player in Turkey but I have an account on Instagram which is turning most of the plates that...
  4. D

    Instagram post to sh1t test ?

    Hi Everyone So I have met a new girl. We have had about 6 dates. She has told me several times that she has bad experiences with jelious boyfrend and the other one cheated on her. But she is over all of that now. I really like this girl and plan a ltr with her if everything goes well. She once...
  5. backseatjuan

    Clean up social media & reevaluate friendships

    TOO DO: Clean up social media accounts. Put up good photos, and only good photos, get rid of garbage posts. Look up celeb social media accounts, and imitate their style photographs and posts. Reevaluate friendships, all of them. Everything not fitting with new agenda becomes and acquaintance/
  6. F

    How do I Hook Up with My FWB's Friend?

    Hey Guys, so I've been hooking up with chick (my FWB, let's call her R) but things have been cooling off recently. We were both going to the same music festival over the weekend, she texted me and we met up. While I was hanging out with her, I met her friend, let's call her N, who was...
  7. Maximus Rex

    Why Are You Her Facebook Friend or Following Her on Social Media?

    I notice that a lot of dudes are more than willing to add some random chick that they've just met to their social media platforms. Now I can understand this strategy if your at and intermediate or advance stage of the game and you're trying to generate social proof. However, most dudes who...