friend zone

  1. TheNewStyle123

    Is she being nice because she wants to be friends?

    Hi gentlemen. Started talking to this girl on bumble a week ago. I gave her my number on the app and she ended up texting me. We have been texting back and forth pretty sporadically for the past week (she travels a lot and seems to be kind of a nomad - going away to NYC, Connecticut, etc...
  2. H

    5 Steps to Avoiding the Friend Zone

    Time and time again I see questions from men asking "How do I get out of the friend zone?" The REAL answer? You don't - instead, you learn how to avoid getting into the friend zone altogether. Men make a lot of mistakes at the beginning that result in women that would have dated them at first...
  3. D

    Friend Zone - Move on or Challenge Accepted

    Typical scenario: Guy likes a girl. Became friends with her. Was too much of a wuss to confess due to insecurities. Waited too long (more than a decade). In the meantime, went on to meet other girls (unsuccessfully). Realised that his feelings for the first woman (a decade turns into adults!)...
  4. D

    A friend in need... Indeed?

    There is a problem that needs a resolution. So I come here to you, brothers, for advice. But before the main point, a background story. I was 18 and just had a transformation from being a fat, shy boy to being a socialite. This is partly because of the fact I got rejected from a crush I had on...
  5. touma.akagi

    Myths, half truths and lies of ommission of the community

    About nine months ago, I roughed a doc outlining some principles that are common on here and on other sites in the attraction community that just aren't as true/applicable as people make them out to be. Don't know who needs to see this, but it could be useful to newbies here, so I'll share...
  6. D

    We are married but not to each other

    Ok sorry but this is probably going to be wordy but need advice. So I have a female friend( I am male). I really have no idea what her thoughts or intentions are and it’s driving me crazy. So it is a girl I work with that at first we didn’t really care for each other. We eventually became work...
  7. S

    As a closet noob where should I start?

    Hey guys and gals, I am Sachit and if you hadn't guessed by my name, I am Indian. Being from a traditional Indian family even the idea of approching women is taboo, so I had no one teaching me **** about getting girls beside friends in high school and now in college. But those advice haven't...
  8. touma.akagi

    Am happy with my life but get no results. A dilemma

    I'm in an awkward position right now. I've been lurking these forums on and off for quite a while, before deciding to sign up, trying to figure out how to get successful with girls and women around me. I started browsing in eighth grade and continued through high school. (There even used to be a...
  9. VladPatton

    A Video About Friend Zoning

    Some valid points here. This vid made me think of you mofos:
  10. B

    Getting the girl I've wanted !

    Hey guys, a long time ago, like last year before summer my friend showed me this girl (She doesn't go to our school), that was single. I thought she looked sooo good. And for whatever reason, I was really attracted to her for weeks, maybe months later. But at the time I had no...