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  1. Blacksheep

    Affraid of how feminism are modelling our society

    After reading The rational male, I started to observe more about people behavior on your society, and was thinking about my experiences... Does anyone feel affraid of what this can turn in the future? I see a lot of ilogically hate being created by those stupids extremist feminism ideas...
  2. D

    You should be afraid

    These beta students are soon coming to a workplace near you. Beware of them or you have to face the consequences:
  3. D

    Feminism is a big **** test!

    Have you thought of this, that the whole feminist movement is a giant *hit test?
  4. Masculinity

    Reason(s) Why You Should NOT Date Feminists

    -She'll have a negative view of you and men -Bad attitude towards dating -Dismissive toward your advances -Pompous personality and view that you're lucky to be around her Went out a handful of times with a girl. I noticed she was a feminist when she mentioned it was "empowering" for women to...
  5. L

    I seek a female version of "PUA" - things that can influence relationships to become better.

    Hello PUA members! I am a new member on this forum. Female. Got fascinated by PUA because my brother by accident discovered trolling as an arrogant guy turned on women and ever since had a lot of fun gaming women online. Improved his skill by testing and later PUA forums. I played a fake PUA...
  6. Masculinity

    Tupac on being Blue Pill vs. Red Pill

    Tupac's perspective of women before and they burned him. It serves as ultimate proof that even a high-value male "alpha" with money, fame, and status, women will friend zone and walk over you, if you if you're an AFC, white knight or blue pill. Gentleman, stand up for yourselves and don't...
  7. marmel75

    The truth about feminism(according to a Yale study)

    Feminism has caused more women to be unhappy, unmarried and childless than ever before... "So back to the original claim: the so-called sexual liberation of women is indeed screwing women, and not in a good way. Why would a man rush to settle down and marry someone if he can not only have...
  8. ImTheDoubleGreatest!

    I understand the resoning for getting arrested but why fourth degree assault?

    http://jezebel.com/anchorage-bound-flight-diverted-after-a-man-tried-to-ki-1782451801 The dude, obviously a fvcking creep, tried to kiss a 16 year old while she was sleeping. But how is that fourth degree assault exactly? Edit: wrong forums, my apologies mods.