1. O

    Request for Father’s Rights Lawyer

    I am in the middle of a divorce watching our children’s inheritance being burned up by attorney fees / civil court costs. I am concerned from legal technicalities, my relationships with my children have been lost forever. There is state law broken. It involves absconding children across state...
  2. FenixRising

    When did you KNOW you definitley dodged a bullet?

    Hey DJs, Trying to let breakups or divorces go is hard sometimes even when you are enjoying single life. When was a time you heard what happened to your ex through the grapevine many months or years later? What shocked you about them and their terrible decisions (one clearly being unable to...
  3. TheNewStyle123

    Divorced Dude (Not losing yourself)

    What's up gentlemen. I'm posting this for advice, but also just to get some stuff off my mind right now. Some of you may know my situation, but if not, I'll quickly recap: my wife and I separated in August. Marriage was just a mess and I found out she was seeing someone else (I was only...
  4. J

    Getting a divorce at 50

    Need help -- My wife of 18 years blindsided me a couple of months ago and asked for a divorce. She's 45 and I'm 50. I went through the phases - grief, denial, anger, acceptance. I've been trying to come to grips with being single again. A buddy recently gave me a copy of The Rational Male...
  5. casanova

    Why Relationships Fail

    this is a thread that is going to be the affecting factors of why your relationship is failing... the first reason, and it is the most important reason for this consequence, the number one rule for anybody before going into a relationship is to never change the person they are dating. I'm not...
  6. resilient

    Testosterone Levels: Married and Divorced

    The level of the male hormone testosterone decreases in men once they become married, according to a study recently published in Psychoneuroendocrinology. "The level of testosterone in men naturally declines with age, which is why both groups of men mentioned above showed a decline in...