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  1. VforValency

    Player’s Fallacy - Field Reports #1

    Hey people, Im absolutely new in the forum have been approved minutes ago and wanted to start a thread as a series of field reports where i can give and get analyse on what was wrong by sharing the reports. Heres my first attempt on picking up a woman yesterday. A woman not much SMV in a...
  2. P

    another rejection that is making me rethink my strategy

    i talked to another random girl and called her cute but she was kind of angry. i was like "why does everyone ****ing reject me" and she said "ask them" but she started telling me about why she thinks relationship is bad. in the end she was like "go talk to your gf and don't talk to me ever...
  3. DeCarlo

    Canada vs US cities for a base

    Sup guys. Im a 'digital nomad' and am finally ready to take a break from the midwest US. I was in Europe last summer and had a blast. Frankly am not attracted to American women at all anymore. Not only are the attitudes horrible, looks suck and feminism is a issue. They arent appreciative at...
  4. reality250

    What to post on IG for being the king ?

    Hello folks, i 2018-2020 I heard how important Instagram nowadays is, I always do IG Close instead of Numberclose. Btw this is my profile: instagram.com/tandigital/ I am posting all about my daily life, and would appreciate every feedback to get more people looking at my stories since this is...
  5. DeCarlo

    Daygame infield reports: Recordings & discipline

    'Sup guys. I've a idea. I was thinking of doing audio recordings of my daygame approaches to motivate me to get better. Also would force me to be consistent knowing others are hearing it. Even better, it could motivate you guys to approach as well. I'm no game guru at all. Did approaches in...
  6. Z

    Most memorable daygame rejections?

    Hi there folks, I’ve been trying some daygame approaches lately. It might sound weird, but I want to get more rejections… these days approaching is very much about inuring myself to rejection - I want to get to place where I genuinely don’t care… all my life I’ve been a chronic ‘nice guy’ and...
  7. w4nhels1ng

    Fear of approaching women

    Hello guys, How did you overcome the fear of rejection? Do you have any tactics, techniques or exercises towards this confidence problem? It happens to me every time when I watch some kind of video about approaching women and I would get motivated, only the sky would be a limit. And when I...
  8. G

    Anyone want to daygame in Boston?

    Supp Im 21. Anyone tryna day game in boston? I need some wingmen Lol. Hmu
  9. O

    Day game when she approaches?

    First of all thank you for any advice. Long time reader, first post. I've become frustrated with the amount of random, attractive, women striking up conversations out of nowhere, extremely smiley and giggly, hips facing me, their undivided attention, yet they all have boyfriends when I ask for...
  10. E

    How to be lone wolf

    I am 33 and most of my friends are married with children. Because of that they do not go to clubs. They go to pubs but very rarely. I do not see any choice but to become lone wolf. Yet I am very embarassed by the situation. I was few time in the club alone but wen't home without talking to...
  11. Serenity

    Pokèmon pickup.

    As the world have noticed, "everyone" is outside playing Pokèmon Go. It's passed Tinder by the amount of active units having the app. Not just children are playing and not just males. It's not only geeky girls either, there are a number of hot young women playing this for fun too. That's an...
  12. Black Wolf

    How to avoid anger and frustration during daygame.

    Dear SoSuave members, I've been practising daygame for a month or two now and have been pretty dedicated, aiming to do 50 approaches a day. I've had some success - ****ing about five attractive women. Since before this I hadn't ****ed one, for me this is a massive step in the right direction...
  13. A

    Tinder. Is dating app(s) killing day/night game?

    Title. Are the methods we used in the life outside internet no longer valid? I mean if everything goes through internet (Tinder-like apps, facebook, instagram etc...) is there a room for original DayGame (streets, shops, cafeterias, happenings etc.) and NightGame (bars, clubs, pubs, social...
  14. l e g e n d a r y

    Free PDF: 5 Steps to Start Meeting Women in the Daytime. it covers how to start taking action and bu

    Download the Free PDF at http://www.DaytimeAttraction.com Hey what's up guys? I wrote this guide to help as many guys as possible, so if you have any questions, feedback, comments, want to tell me it sucks ass and why (lol), etc.. just leave a comment here or contact me directly on the contact...