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  1. Von

    Spa Girl : The Massage Therapist

    So I went to my usual Spa.... Finish Bath, Therapeutic Bath, Osteophatique, Massage etc... In 10 years of been a client, it's the first time the Massage Therapist was ''talkative and sharing personal stuff''. It was my first time seeing her, new In short, it's not a brothel or a Massage Parlor...
  2. C

    Am I ever going to have a good relationship?

    Hello fellow dudes, Dons, and womanizers, Am I ever going to have a good relationship? Or is it going to be a constant struggle of who gives less of a **** about the other person? Is there something as a mutually loving relationship? Or is it some fantasy Disney story we were breastfed when...
  3. P


    Hi, I am new here. I have spent the last few weeks browsing various forums for some insight into BPDS, and found the best stuff here so I figured I would post my story ... and hope for the best? To give you some insight into my life without going into too much detail I am a 21 year old semi...
  4. darksprezzatura

    Just encountered a BPD. Game plan?

    So I've had months of experience with a BPD ex, she damn near destroyed me but with the scars I've become stronger. Spinning multiple girls at the moment, focused on self improvement. I just took a girl's number who possibly has BPD. 1. Hair dyed red 2. Fear of abandonment and flipping out over...
  5. darksprezzatura

    Dodging bullets. Become Neo. [IMPORTANT]

    To the DJs out here, lifelong AFCs, Alphas, Betas, Omegas and all the pals. Reading @bradd80 's post about toxic women aka the ones with daddy issues fit so well with respect to my ex, I thought I'd reinforce his post and add my two cents to every person in need of some help. As men the...
  6. darklucifer

    Did I just dodge a bullet?

    Dumped a girl I'd been dating. We all know rose coloured glasses can cloud judgement. Red flags: Tattoos, piercings, dyed hair Clingy/Controlling Tells me how she pranked her dad with wrist cutting (WTF?) Self harm- for fun/during arguments Divorced parents Sadistic stories against an ex...
  7. E

    Field Report: Brazilian women refuse to talk instantly

    Some time a go when I was in the bar I approached Brazilian woman (I suspect she was a student or was on a trip). I started talking to her in my language. She did not understand and asked to speak english. I started to speak english, a bit to fast so she asked me, after a while, to speak slower...
  8. GoodOne123

    In a bad place - Sick family member and potential crazy/bpd ex

    It feels like I am in bad place right now and need help and advice as to how to cope. This post is not just about women and relationships, but is about life and family as well. It has been already a while since my mother has been diagnosed with a serious illness. Unfortunately, the doctors have...
  9. pyros

    reply after 3 whole weeks

    So I met this girl like a month ago, we texted back and forth, and we ended up dancing at the same club because our group of friends were going to the same place. There we danced, talked, and had a fun time. Some days later I texted her...AND SHE HAS REPLIED TO MY TEXT THREE WEEKS LATER. lmao...