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Recent content by TheMainMan

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    How many languages do you speak?

    Mandarin & Spanish are the languages to learn in the 21st Century.
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    When will the dollar collapse?

    Trading is a mugs game. Lucky if one in five makes anything from it. I'm talking about investing and the future is all about the East or South. The North Western Hemisphere's reign is over.
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    When will the dollar collapse?

    I write this as a UK citizen and mean the Western World is in terminal declide not just the USA. The future tax increases and/or currency devaluations to print their way out of the mess mean we in the West are going to be much poorer than our parents generation. If you wan't to be wealthy...
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    When will the dollar collapse?

    Its inevitable. The 19th century belonged to the UK, 20th Century USA. The 21st century is China's and the East. There is a huge transfer of wealth moving from West to East. We are in a long term decline. We need to produce 1-2% GDP growth just to pay of our debt! The East is paying...
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    Calling all Poker Players

    I thought Bush had banned online poker in the states? Love the game. Anyone read 'The making of a poker player' by matt matross? Good intro book.
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    women handle money better than men?

    Women are fantastic at managing their own money and useless at manging yours!
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    Death Penalty: Debate

    Surely we as decent human beings are above death for death. You have to set the example that life is precious. Killing in return for killing does not reduce the incedents of murder. I think you would find that countries with the death penalty have far higher murder rates than those...
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    Any engineers here?

    Planning Engineer in the construction industry. Class job. Well paid. Well respected. Plenty of travel.
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    Women in Japan

    Anyone been to Japan? How easy is it to pull women there? I really want to hook up with some Japanese women. Got a bit into them recently. Any advice on pulling out there? Cheers.
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    Best city in the UK?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manchester If your less than 35yo then Manchester is the place to be in the UK. The city is a 20s-30s place.
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    Best city in the UK?

    Mate, I'll tell you like it is. London - great, expensive, unfriendly. You've seen it and done it. Forget about the South if you want beauty, chilled out pace of life, good quality of life then head to Manchester or Bristol. These are probably the best two options. Manchester - The...
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    I was just thinking, what would we do if we didn't have beer in this world? It would be unthinkable...
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    Pook was so great not because he taught guys how to pull women but because he taught us all how to respect ourselves. Looking back on my time on this website, he will be the only one who I really remember. He taught me self respect. The women merely fall into place after this. Great guy.
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    How to invest $1200?

    Invest the first 20euros in the following book- The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. It is the bible of 'value investing' and the only investment technique worth following. Forget growth shares, value is where its at. Just wish it hadn't taken me until 28 to work this out.
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    Beyond SoSuave.com

    Know what you mean. Im bored of UK women. There all the same. What about moving abroad for a change of life and different types of women?