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    how do u get convos started wit girls have them talk to u

    What's up Not too much, winding down from a long day. You? Same here had a good weekend. where do u work at
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    im serious but how do you get funny and playful with girls?

    Ok only things that arefunnyto me are wrestling things i know all girls that are generic are into goszip hollywood wifes bull**** kim kadashin
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    finally figurelifeout n stuffand going out just go live life n trrrrk hot grrrrrrrrrr

    Brrrrrrrrrapppehdeeeeough Puzzler!!!!!!11++
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    How to build sexual anticipation via late night texting

    Problem is i dont know ive only grew up thinkin women and princess and i never had sexual mindset or knew women like that. How do i learn this?
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    How to build sexual anticipation via late night texting

    how do u normally start out sexual convos That it gets her turned on and she wont read it like im crazy i asked her to masturbate in phone she said i wontdo that sorry eventho she said she wanted to fk me (only because she saw magic mike
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    im serious but how do you get funny and playful with girls?

    I got the idea but my social skills and pretty limited and I am struggling with keeping a comedic act with women while trying to rapport with them how do you FULLY develop this mind?
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    approached a group of girls and failed.

    well I didnt game really I was just talking to them I tried saying I dont know about that food (her shrimp dish she had) it wasnt really a good neg I need help on how to tease and flirt with girls? I said I like what I see her flower dress... Please help I need assistance on this how do you...
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    approached a group of girls and failed.

    I went and sat down and her friend wasrecording me sayingthis iz weird i said"i see what i like" they askedwhat my name was i told her im polyamarous she said she is too she has7 dudes i said damn and i said u gonna find a sucker evetuallyto marryi can tell thatshe wanted meto leave so i did...
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    online dating im not getting anywhere

    You guys say just msggirlto askher out but nogirl repliestothat or saya doesnt know me then wheni talk to her andsay lets have drink shoot me ur numberthey justtake my number and nothing?
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    How to WIN at this game

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    The basics edition 1: Posture and movement

    Works wonders i walked in quiktrip and looked girl in eyes she was smiling i walked away
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    For women not in relationships how do u get them to roleplay or buy sexy outfits?

    Like schoolgirl or cheerleader or officer etc..
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    Today when wanting to approach I found my problem after I didnt approach her...

    my mind was telling me (i dont understand why i am confident and not today) when I should of approached her when she walked by and i didnt and she sat down and I just walked by and didnt do anything my head was then telling me that I shouldnt approach because she will think I am weird or creepy...