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Recent content by Sam_J

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    Would you rather sleep / marry....a top notch beautiful woman... Or a brainy...lady that has a job like a surgeon?

    Without any other info I'd say the first option. Smart doesn't make a person nice or easier to get along with, in some cases quite the opposite. So knowing nothing about personality I'd obviously pick the more attractive one.
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    Are Super Bowl Parties a Primarily Couples Event?

    I doubt they're the best way to meet single women lol
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    It's Valentine's Weekend!

    I mean most attractive women DO have abundance. The only ones who don't are either fat af or mentally ill.
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    Out of Curiosity: How do the Frat Boys Do It?

    I think it's just genetics. I don't drink like a frat boy but I can have a few beers a day if I want and I don't gain weight and stay very low body fat. I've always found it almost impossible to gain weight. To even reach the 'overweight' category I would literally have to eat until I was in...
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    If You're Not Good at Cold Approach After a Month, You Never Will Be

    I disagree, social and speaking skills can be improved with practice, age doesn't matter. I'm 25 and I cringe at my horrific social skills from 18-22, but I improved them with practice and picking up on cues from other people. You're never too old to learn a new skill and most skills take years...
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    Can’t Get Out of Bed to Save My Life

    I've had the same problem. I think it's actually a mild form of depressiont/boredom tbh. You have to have something that gets you excited about getting out of bed. Maybe an interesting book that you keep in the other room or a good breakfast, etc, or something that you save for first thing in...
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    When is the appropriate time to follow a woman that I am dating on Instagram?

    Idk I quit using Instagram completely and wouldn't ever want to use it
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    Relative to income, what do you think is the occupation that women give the least respect to?

    Software developers/data scientists/statisticians are very well paid and some of the most intelligent people in the world (typically far smarter than doctors and lawyers who society worships, whose professions require little to no deep, logical thinking, just primarily memorization of words)...
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    Has anyone here.... ?

    I've never done it in the car. On the street walking in crosswalks I have tried to pick up hot women but haven't succeeded yet.
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    Has anyone here.... ?

    I'm not saying I'd never see escorts but I feel like having some emotional connection can be worth it sometimes to pursue an actual relationship. Also approaching women has helped me eliminate some of my general social anxiety I had as a result of a bad childhood. But if you can afford it, yeah...
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    Has anyone here.... ?

    He admittedly doesn't ever try to go on dates with women. He only sees prostitutes and thinks it's not worth spending time trying to approach women. I'm not even joking, he will confirm this. To each his own I guess, that's just his preference.
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    Cold Approach vs. OLD

    Awesome post and really inspiring. It's amazing how many guys on this forum are just here to just waste their lives and troll and whine and talk sh1t about why cold approaching is dumb because they are afraid of approaching themselves (which I was for years too). They should read posts like this.