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    How to stop GF using pet names

    Hey guys, long time no see. You know, I've been in a pretty good relationship these past couple of years! But every now and then, I need to look myself in the mirror and make sure I'm still in control, and that I'm not losing my touch, being committed and all that. Now my girl is the sweetest...
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    Dont want to go to graduation

    Yes, please.
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    Outcome Independence

    By the way it's funny to see you raise the concept of Outcome Independence now, because I'm pretty sure I read some really old threads about it 10 years ago. It's interesting to see that people have independently come to the same conclusions for decades now. Goes to show that all this really...
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    Outcome Independence

    Simply because of emotional investment. If you're really interested in something (be it a woman, or even a stock you own), then you're not neutral about it anymore and it's very tough to make rational decisions. DJ Theory has approached this by preaching abundance, meaning to make yourself into...
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    loss of attraction in a marriage

    This is thought in the wrong direction, you don't simply turn things around after 20 years of negative reinforcement. He'd be welcome to try, but it's probably way too late.
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    She Threw It All Away

    Congrats on your hard and surely painful decision. But is this really the right thing to take away from it?
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    Is it cheating if your wife cuts you off?

    All good points, but I believe it's possible to curb bad behaviour in its infancy. Let's go back and say the situation isn't totally f*cked up yet, you still love each other and enjoy the relationship, but she brushes you off a couple of times which irritates you. You gotta act on it fast and...
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    GF texting multiple times every day

    Wow, I didn't expect such a flood of posts. That's a pretty deep analysis on interest, insecurity and "game", which I can't go through right now but be assured I'll set some time aside to read it all in detail later. As to the matter at hand, we met up for a quiet drink and had a good talk...
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    GF texting multiple times every day

    By the way, not sure if it's important but I've never said "I love you" before, and I also didn't say it on Valentine's day. She might have been waiting for it but she's gotta say it first.
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    GF texting multiple times every day

    Hi all, so I finally got myself in a LTR with a girl who is all I'm looking for. For 6 months now everything has been good, great even. We seem to be a really good match. We do lots of fun stuff together, I hold the power in the relationship and she's happy to please, never throws a tantrum...
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    Playboy article: Pick--up Lines That Have Actually Worked

    Well, was she? I think you can use such lines to great success if you adapt them to the situation, but not cold & out of the blue.
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    Pick a social hobby and just have fun - the easy way to DHV

    Easy there on the assumptions buddy, here I am speaking English to you without ever having to suffer while learning it.
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    How do YOU respond to an argumentive girl

    Let's face it, if you've been together for a bit you will always be vulnerable in one kind or another, and that's OK. But really it's more about your girl and not about you. How evil is your girl? How much is she willing to hurt you just so she can provoke an emotional response? My girl never...
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    Worst Advice You've Ever Received

    Let me guess, mom as well.
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    Worst Advice You've Ever Received

    Why did I know, before reading this thread, that the very first post about bad advice would come from Mom? Although I find it a bit disturbing that your mom would talk about money instead of feelings. Mine told me to always be emotional, because girls would love that... yours told you to get...